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12" 26.10.21
minimal / tech house ep
Panea Records
in stock
9.66 EUR *
ZOOROPA (180G 2X12 LP + MP3)
2x12" 31.08.18
remastered reissue of the 1993 u2 album on 180 gram double vinyl. includes 2 additional remixes and a download code.
in stock
27.72 EUR *
12" NL 16.02.18
paneadores, it’s about time!
here you have, the snippets of our third release. this time vco join us with one track. we want to say, as many paths in life, music is a way to express ourselves. therefore, this time we want dedicate this vinyl with all our love, to charliemoon.
Panea Records
out of stock
7.69 EUR *
12" NL 07.07.16
panea records, is a concept based on sharing their lifestyles with all who share a passion for music. and aspiration to provide talented musicians, producers and djs with valuable opportunities within this label. four spanish friends came together in berlin sharing their love of music. each of them influenced by the berlin music scene.
Panea Records
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" UK 27.04.12
back from 1982 , brilliant 80s disco
Sauvage Musique
out of stock
10.31 EUR *

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