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12" Vinyl lp+mp3 BE 11.09.19
on pair, his 2nd album and released on brussels outernational label rebel up records, he has worked hard to enhance his special formula. inspired by the cruel death his nephew, it became a testament against oppression via the mixed sounds of afro boogie, disco, funk, afrohouse, coupé décalé and kuduro, with english and portuguese lyrics.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 26.10.17
soundway records presents the debut solo album from the ever-energetic diron animal, lead singer of the band throes + the shine.
born and raised in the ghettos of cazenga in the angolan capital of luanda, the portugal-based artist is known for his incredible stage presence and unique fashion sense. influenced by traditional african music, diron brings modern electronic production and multilingual vocals to his album, which explores the realities of growing up in harsh conditions. the impact of such a life on himself and his local community is thematically apparent: pessimism, greed, and ambition feature - and yet the overarching message is that of opportunity, hope and channelling oneís struggles into creativity.
spell-binding rhythms, bass hooks and original lyrics abound, spanning portuguese, kimbundu and english.
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