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12" Vinyl D 05.02.15
edit select and dino sabatini join forces together for her debut on motoguzzi records. the liaison of these two maestros leads us to a hypnotic and trippy journey through their musical minds. edit select comes with a serious driving floor piece and dino sabatini shows us his musical understanding with a deep floating shamanic approach. selected dj support: supported by: marcel dettmann, len faki, oscar mulero, dubfire, luke slater, cosmin trg, tommy four seven, Âme, james ruskin, ben sims, josh wink, sigha, simian mobile disco, lucy, angel molina, joris voorn, blawan, pangaea, speedy j...
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12" Vinyl D 15.05.14
mnenosyne was the personification of memory, daughter of gaia and uranus, wife of zeus and the mother of the muses, goddesses of the arts. also this time an excellent collaboration with an artist for whom i have great esteem tony scott aka edit select. because of the magic of art that unites the whole world, i have had the pleasure of getting to know him personally during an amazing gig in paris in which we began to design a collaboration on some tracks. after our first collaboration survivors of the pulse released on edit selects prologue music lp phlox we decided to continue with another ep of three sick tracks that i have given the names of three muses according to my personal imagination.terpsichore - to the he goddess of dance id offer this track with its controversial rhythm and detailed sensual overtones.euterpe - goddess of music and in our case seen in terms of techno music, a mix of pure energy and imagination and this track i believe has these two features. deep, straight and hypnotic. urania - this track i would like to dedicate to the goddess of astronomy
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