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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: dimi angelis / zadig
12" Vinyl () D 05.01.18
krill musics first ep of 2017 comes at the hands of dimi angelis. following on from the various artist compilation earlier this year, which featured tracks from he/at, pulse one, zedje and auditory response. whether its his solo work or his work with jereon search under the a&s moniker, angelis has always kept his work stripped back with a lot of focus on groove. black lines pays testament to the purity in the greek-born dutch residentís approach to techno. panic attack opens the ep abruptly, loaded with an overbearing sense of urgency - led by an undulating main hook and hectic percussion. if i could fly digs a bit deeper - angelis groove never lets slip while a screeching drone paves the way for a heads down affair. glow comes equipped with scattered hi hats which sit atop some off-kilter bleep work - which make for a challenging cerebral outing. zadig rounds black lines off nicely by rearranging glows iconic main hook over some celestial pads, all the while formulating a new story to the moody original.
Krill Music
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