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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: dim chris feat. kaysee
12" Vinyl FR 11.03.09
after the tecktonik hit single sucker and the follow up self control, dim chris is back with a new opus featuring kaycee for the vocals: change the world...
out of stock
7.30 EUR *
3xcd IT 13.05.11
from the catwalk to the club! 2cd mix plus bonus disc! staring avicii,simian mobile disco, mark knight, laidback luke, atfc, chris lake, roiksopp, alx gaudino, daddys groove ..
Hed Kandi
Last Copy!
15.50 EUR *
3x cd UK 03.02.11
welcome to the latest edition of hed kandis ever popular location-led release world on the roster is one of the most glamorous, stylish and fashionable capitals of the world. featuring the best upfront house from kandis worldwide dancefloors, hed kandi will be taking you on a journey to the worlds most iconic and cosmopolitan fashion houses, clubbing hubs, home of the party elite and of course the birthplace of kandi hq in world series: londonhed kandi in-house fashionista, resident maddox dj and latest addition to the hed kandi roster, marie claire, is responsible for the mixes over two cds,defining the sound of our london events. this release also brings you a bonus third cd featuring the soundtrack to the major fashion houses this year.
Hed Kandi
in stock
19.49 EUR *

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