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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: der rauber und der prinz
12" Vinyl D 29.11.10
12inch full of music with a definite sense of place. eerie synthesiser pulses, funk-infused drums and languid guitar-scapes have been part of the musical topology of düsseldorf since the early seventies: and this particular release pays full tribute to that legacy, with jagd auf den hirsch (hunt for the stag) comprising an eerie piece of swampy lazer-forest rock. this sound is also a modern day staple of düsseldorfs nightlife at the salon des amateurs, a small bar attached to the kunsthalle art gallery that is an oasis of hypnotic disco nightmares. the salon is where der räuber und der prinz made their first live appearance in 2008 (when the original composition for moogwalzer was debuted), and both members of the band frequently play there: ralf beck with his bodyrocking club act unit 4 and sebastian as half of art-rock duo noblesse oblige. meanwhile two of the guests on this release - detlef weinrich also known as toulouse lowtrax, contributing words about a ghostly maiden on moogwalzer, and thomas klein contributing drums to jagd auf den hirsch - are both original members of the quintessential düsseldorf act kreidler. salon dj resident vladimir ivkovic also had a hand in the creative clarion call for the jagd auf den hirsch (hunt for the stag). to complete the circle, düsseldorfs new resident and desolat mainstay guti wrote his remix in the middle of the night in buenos aires, as a kind of letter to his new home-to-be. there we have it: a true tribute to a city we love, with tracks for the dancefloor as well as moments of melancholic contemplation.
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