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12" Vinyl lp + mp3 D 16.11.12
nice price deal !!! dennis busch is an artist who is well-known to all pingipung fans for his >james din a4< contributions to our catalogue. this man of many faces has also developed a reputation as visual artist. therefore he decides to present his music under the same name: dennis busch - which we think might be his real one. dennis busch has delivered an enormous output of odd, melodic techno tracks in the last decade mostly on his own now unfortunately vanished esel imprint (this means donkey).
comes with code for free mp3 download of the full album.
pingipung 36 LP
out of stock
14.98 EUR *
cd D 05.11.12
dieser mensch ist ein tausendsassa, der von musik bis mode seinen ganz eigenen blick auf die welt auslebt. mit bürgerlichem namen heißt er dennis busch, als kuenstler james din a4, lassie & chris, pastor fitzner, pop dylan oder krieghelm hundewasser
Pingipung 36 CD
in stock
13.99 EUR *
3x cd UK 30.12.11
most rated 2012 on 3x cd!! dj essentials from defected & beyond...
out of stock
11.99 EUR *

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