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12" Vinyl D 28.11.18
deena abdelwahed’s first album is shifting the epicenter of contemporary electronic music south: “khonnar“ will be released on november 16, 2018 by infine&#769,,,.

also available as:
Deluxe Edition (EUR 21.99)
CD (EUR 17.79)
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17.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.11.18
deena abdelwahed’s first album is shifting the epicenter of contemporary electronic music south: “khonnar“ will be released on november 16, 2018 by infine&#769,,,,,. this limited edition vinyl includes a poster and an embroidered badge.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 17.99)
CD (EUR 17.79)
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21.99 EUR *
cd D 19.11.18
deena abdelwahed’s first album is shifting the epicenter of contemporary electronic music south: “khonnar“ will be released on november 16, 2018 by infine&#769,,.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 17.99)
Deluxe Edition (EUR 21.99)
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17.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 23.07.18
under frustration is a 3 volumes compilation project by tunisian collective arabstazy, establishing a picture of the contemporary electronic music scene in the arab world. this musical journey stands for the diversity of this scene, and deconstructs the occidental perceptions that sees the arab world as a culturally united and homogeneous entity. it is a manifesto for the burgeoning wave of post-revolution futurism. arabstazy chose to give all the benefits and profits of this project to the lebanese ngo basmeh & zeitooneh, and most specifically to their yearly art event - seen - which highlights unseen artists and break stereotypes about refugees.
in stock
22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.09.16
max 1 per customer, limited to 100 copies only, neue ep von bachar mar-khalife in superstreng limitierter white-label-auflage. der albumtrack -lemon- in neuem radio edit, als alternativ-version mit den vocals seiner mutter yolla khalifé, sowie in remixen von zwei shootingstars der arabischen electro-szene, mahmoud refat aus Ägypten und deena abdelwahed aus tunesien.
Infine Music
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
cd UK 23.05.18
!k7 are pleased to announce forest swords as the next curator of the ever essential dj-kicks series. following acclaimed albums on ninja tune and tri angle, soundtrack and installation work, and remixes of the likes of bjork, matthew barnes aka forest swords has curated a 25-track compilation that draws a line between past inspirations and his current peers. like much of his own output, his dj-kicks skirts around pristine electronics and embraces more organic textures: 80s post punk (anna domino, dead can dance), classic 90s british electronica (orbital, mira calix), and smokey digi-dub (rhythm & sound), all rub up alongside some of the most forward-facing producers working today (demdike stare, laurel halo, fis). the compilation sifts through rhythms, shifting speeds and emotions: from pop icon neneh cherrys primal thudding to the zombified throb of exclusive forest swords track crow via deena abdelwaheed’s clattering deconstructions to the euphoric two-step of djrum. its a collection of tracks that feels as restlessly curious and weighty as barnes own work.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 24.99)
out of stock
16.99 EUR *
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