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12" Vinyl lp UK 14.05.19
limited rsd 2019 release. vinyl lp housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Moochin About
A1: Theme From The Manchurian Candidate
A2: Some Soul From Seoul
A3: Theme From The Manchurian Candidate (Jazz Version)
A4: Queen Of Diamonds
A5: John Burch Lurch (Politicians On Parade)
B1: Mesopotamian Mambo (Cantina Latina)
B2: Slightly Manchurian Blues
B3: Dare To Dream
B4: Return Of A Hero
B5: Home Again 1952
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15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.12.17
da saa - the haunting sound of yemenite israeli funk 1974-1982. fortuna records deliver a stellar compilation of real-life magic created by immigrants from yemen, in tel aviv, from the mid seventies to the early eighties. ranging from extremely rare to previously unreleased, these tracks are a result of a unique scene which blended funk, soul, jazz & disco with traditional yemenite rhythms & sounds. it cannot get more obscure than this! fortuna heads: look out for an unreleased tsvia abarbanel from 1969!!! glorious gatefold lp with a 14 page booklet telling the fascinating story of this movement, for the very first time!
Fortuna Records
out of stock
31.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 21.12.11
wonderful remastered reissue of nancy martins >cant believe<, a deep italo/proto house cut from back in 1982 recorded by canadian producer domenic sciullo. featuring an awesome phat analogue italo-style bassline, great sexy vocals and an irresistible chugging groove that gets the floor bouncing, it became an anthem in the underground clubs of chicago, championed by the likes of frankie knuckles and ron hardy. released here on the original neige records label which features the full length long version of this killer and also the highly useful instrumental version. essential
Pin Cushion
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12.49 EUR *

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