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12" Vinyl D 19.06.14
wrr continues with its series of releases focused on quality and not quantity. this time with a talented young man from south italy who released his first ep with us! we re talking about daniele polacco, a producer already appeared on our last va (wrr005), who delighted us with two beautiful house tracks
White Rabbit Recordings
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.07.13
white rabbit recordings presents the first various artists release with five quality tracks on wax for all vinyl lovers! this release is full of good moods, excellent old school house grooves and the proper soul we are always looking for from our artists. this music has the names of giovanni damico (owner), the already known daniela la luz, hvl, tommy finger jr and a new comer producer in the house scene, daniele polacco. handle with care!
White Rabbit Recordings
out of stock
8.57 EUR *

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