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12" Vinyl D 22.06.18
to celebrate two decades of skylax records, label head hardrock striker teams up with long time friend and co-worker dj sprinkles as skylax house explosion (s.h.e.). they present the second of three exclusive vinyl releases accompanying the mix cd for the 20 years compilation. all three eps will feature previously unreleased music curated by dj sprinkles and hardrock striker. “i think of one time in new york when they wouldn t let me into the loft, and i could hear they were actually playing one of my records on the dance floor at that very moment. i shit you not.” – dj sprinkles, midtown 120 blues (2008).
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12" Vinyl D 01.06.18
o celebrate two decades of skylax records and a long musical partnership, dj sprinkles and hardrock striker team up as s.h.e. (skylax house explosion) to present the first of three exclusive vinyl releases accompanying the mix cd for the 20 years compilation. all three eps feature previously unreleased music personally curated by dj sprinkles and hardrock striker. under the garage presents all new music from move d, jason grove & merwyn sanders, an expresso and signal st as a referential homage to the 80s club of new york city, a space that commercially paved the way for the evolution of dance music (music of the “house”) as well as spaces around which queer communities could feel safe - all to the sounds of djs like larry levan and frankie knuckles. jason grove is a long-time collaborator with skylax, along with signal st who has released on its sub label - wax classic - as garage shelter, but for move d, it is his first outing on the imprint. move d is one of the few veteran deep house djs still touring consistently having started out in the early nineties.
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2xcd D 25.05.18
incl. sameed, lady blaktronika, chez damier, joey kay and carlos nilmmns, hardrock striker, octa octa, niko marks, groove riddim and garage shelter and more
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