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12" Vinyl D 11.07.19
disco, latin, merengue dance foor killer edits for disc jockey use only by dj adjustments (dj extensive collection)
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.01.15
the occasional (but always excellent) street edits series returns, this time with a trio of high-grade scalpel works from chicago re-edit hero rahaan. as usual, the source material is dusty and obscure, and the reworks revelatory. -city of disco- is in many ways typical of rahaan s work, with carefully cuts and loops being used to create a thumping, house style groove (admittedly one that pays due reverence to the source material). there s more of a celebratory, soulful feel about the impeccable -strung out-, which turns a little-known disco-soul gem into a huggable dancefloor classic. best of all, though, is -brighten you up-, which sits somewhere between later electrofunk and early house, a proto-proto gem, perhaps. either way, it s a killer.
SE 004
Street Edits
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.10.13
culprits 39th ep release is an altogether special affair. the masters of epic underground pop, one of the most exciting and respected songwriting/production teams in dance music, benoit & sergio enter the labels artistic canon in emphatic fashion. their two- song culprit debut glows with the duos forward thinking musical ideas, at once sweeping and intimate, and which depth and sophistication represents a leap in the los angeles-based imprints growth
Culprit Records
in stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.02.13
steve bug returns with a brilliant set of killer reworks from his much-lauded noir album. no adjustments features the vocal talents of foremost poets, and remains one of the standout moments on the label boss enigmatic long player. where noir explored the themes of light and shade, it was always clear that no adjustments was one of the more straight up dance floor moments on there, and as such this release is definitely going to be thankfully received by djs.
Last Copy!
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 20.06.18
tm404 & echologist (aka andreas tilliander and brendon moeller) return with their second collaboration, this time including a remix from another standout dub techno artist in vril. the infiltrated ep has two boomy, 4x4 rollers on the a-side, vrils broken-beat, ethereal version on the b1 and lastly the title-track, a twisted stream of grainy modulations.
Kynant Records
Last Copy!
8.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 03.08.17
first album by slow lifes own ethereal logic (s.moreira and indi zone). a sonic trip filled with space out harmonies, cinematic passages and subtled beats, curated and simmered
Slow Life
Last Copy!
21.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 01.10.12
steve bug, one of the world’s most renowned artists in the electronic music circuit, presents his fifth and most mature longplayer. noir doesnt deny its roots, but expands the usual spectrum and invites the listener to an exciting listening pleasure. the title is noir!

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
cd D 11.10.12
steve bug, one of the worlds most renowned artists in the electronic music circuit, presents his fifth and most mature longplayer. noir doesnt deny its roots, but expands the usual spectrum and invites the listener to an exciting listening pleasure. the title is noir!

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 14.99)
in stock
13.99 EUR *
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