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12" Vinyl UK 30.05.17
nice price deal !!! the melbourne deepcast is the brain child of andy hart and myles mac. both venerated djs in their own right, alongside harts production prowess, in 2009 the duo formed what was then a podcast and online hub intended for the sole purpose of celebrating quality house music from melbourne and beyond. it has since become a record label, but its original aim is undeniably its most important. the website has shone a light on all of the above names (and more), helping to create the sense that something special is happening in melbourne.
Melbourne Deepcast
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.01.16
introducing the first release from mysterious new label, southern lights. dedicated to releasing high-end hypnotic grooves from close friends and family from australia and around the globe. the first release is by melbourne artist craig mcwhinney, featuring heavy cuts of percussion and atmosphere in equal measure with the ‘versions’ ep. the a-side features ‘upon humanity’ and the b-side features two versions of ‘keloid’. in contrast, on the remix tip is eric cloutier’s ‘the end is near version’ of upon humanity , which strips back the elements to a more esoteric and cerebral translation of the original. for lovers of fine art and fine techno. limited to 300 copies, 180 gram vinyl.
Southern Lights
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.03.15
classy but tough - rig hammering techno from australia...tip!the label say: weve had our eyes peeled on melbournes craig mcwhinney aka vohkinne for some time and couldnt be more pleased to finally send off these monsters he tailored for our second release, brilliant production and and a suited follow up to label owner patrik skoogs well received premier release a few months ago - format 12inch only!
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.06.14
craig mcwhinney continues to deliever some outstanding techno cuts on romanian label snejl black . after appearing alongside echologist and american duo cv313 on haul music, as well as remixing for the dub techno heavyweight brendon moeller, craig proves once again that australia is breeding some of the best upcoming acts.
Snejl Black
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.02.13
the first release on project squared in a year, *make your mess* is a three track ep by melbournes craig mcwhinney. craig has been making music for years and releasing since the late 2000s on melbourne labels such as pinksilver, melbourne deepcast and his own haul music, also on labels based further afield such as brendon moellers steadfast and speedy js electric deluxe. craigs music is techno, but it isnt preoccupied with the 4/4, employing broken, swung and rolling drum patterns. his tracks often include melodic and harmonic elements and effects reminiscent of dub techno but without conforming to the pastiche template of the sub-genre. the make your mess ep is composed of the core title track and two additional tracks that arose as interpretations and variations on the initial production: *provocation is an excuse* is more furious and loud, *disengage* is more restrained. all three are around 125 bpm and were produced in the space of a month between september and october 2012.
Project Squared
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.10.12
craig mcwhinney is a melbourne based dj, producer and live artist. beginning his techno explorations behind the decks in 2000, his transition to the studio has been swift and fruitful. a string of releases on his own label haul music which he co-founded in 2008 with friends mike callander and christian vance, are now being backed up with remixes and eps for speedy js electric deluxe, and brendon moellers steadfast records. drawing upon his wealth of djing experience, he crosses the boundaries of dub infused techno and house with precision and intent, blurring the line between dance floor dynamics, home listening, experimentation and sound design. he is also collaborating with mike callander as haul music live, fusing craigs rhythms with mikes soundscapes to create unique dance floor interpretations of their individual sound experimentations. wild coast is a low-slung filthy minimal romp that possesses as much primal energy as it does futuristic funk. bassbins and heads are likely to be blown by this demented puppy. echologist keeps things lofi, hypnotic and subby.
steadfast 016
Steadfast Records
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.12.11
craig mcwhinney: divinity featuring remixes by the echologist and cv313!
Haul Vinyl
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.07.16
the master of swedish techno-funk, mattias fridell is here to open up the 7th installment of gynoid reprise with his trademark jackin grooves on the appropriate stimuli . sharing the a-side with him is advanced human with an acidic techno-trance-ambient journey into the labyrinth , a track inspired by the famous festival taking place once a year in the beautiful nature of japan. on the flip-side our berlin girl mary velo provides a raw, atmospheric techno trip into her mind games and to finish off in style melbourne maestro craig mcwhinney remixes i ll never be king , giving it a more current sound and teases out the dub influences.
Gynoid Audio
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.02.14
ben sims theory label opens the box for release #5 of its various artist series.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.04.13
the mad aussies at haul music have changed things up a lot since the inception of their digital imprint nearly 5 years ago. in what might be described as a backwards move made by label-men who have simply lost their edge, they began releasing on vinyl only. first with a limited run of ornately illustrated portraits of the label owners, and now they are set to present a vinyl-only release from a cast of relative-unknowns.
Haul Music
in stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.09.12
first track (christian vance - pandanus) reminds us to early laurent garnier tracks... big cinema for the floor
Haul Music
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.06.12
brendon moellers long player homage to the spirit of techno works, electric deluxe taps two of the albums polar moments for remixes to deliver work ethics. selecting one of works toughest tracks for the a-side, adjust to the fading light, the ep opens with a rare vocal refix from berghain resident ben klock
Electric Deluxe
out of stock
7.59 EUR *

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