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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.18
electro, indie dance, nu disco sound
Phantasy Sound
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.03.18
initially described as superlative 25th century electronic exotica by cowboy rhythmbox themselves, the fourth ep from phantasys in-house trouble and hitmakers received support from top jocks including dixon, jackmaster and marcel dettmann. now, i’s dynamic lead track is rejigged, expanded upon and shot through with analogue energy by two equally inventive producer pairings. fellow outsiders on the inside of the house of house, israels finest red axes take the first turn, coaxing the cosmos out of the original and allowing the bewildering vocal samples to lead the way through waves of more than pleasurable cosmic tension. soon, with the timing just right, feet to pedals and strobe to hand, the pair unleash a series of distorted guitar licks that blow dust off the stacks, even throwing in a sharp blast of their trademark surrealist vocals for extra freaky fx. on the flip, marvin and guy zone out and hone in on the originals ebm-indebted elements to contribute a trippy, wave-riding electro rework that oscillates irresistibly. teasing listeners with a playful, almost naive synth line, the mood shimmers instead with uncompromising acid, as the pair ultimately push the modulars into strange and hypnotic territories to get lost in.
Phantasy Sound
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.08.17
outsider house misfits cowboy rhythmbox, return to phantasy with a tri-pronged blitzkrieg of wildly singular tracks. tanz exotique: a pan global orgy of recondite sound sources, perhaps one of the most extreme examples of cbrb s multifarious approach to date. superlative 25th century electronic exotica. cats invasion: a stark, glacial and sleazy lesson in poise, restraint and excess. lysergic synthesizer motifs, deep breathing, and serious sense of menace ride a pleasingly rawboned rhythm. music for darkrooms on interstellar pleasure cruisers. scream: a revved-up industrial beast of a track. primal, animalistic vocals conspire with dub percussion and a sinister acidic arpeggio. a symphony of gut-level grit and abrasive alchemy.
Phantasy Sound
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.11.16
cbrb s latest triptych for phantasy takes their sound into a more dystopian direction, a world of concrete shopping centres, the occult and physically irresistible repetition. the title track “mecanique sauvage” is a muscular industrial / outsider house track, a stop start rollercoaster that constantly intensifies. one part a brutal exercise in poise and restraint, and one part undiluted disco excess. a contradictory beast of a track. something of a epic (at over 8 mins long) “children of the monolith” drops the tempo to 100 bpm and takes the listener on a very different kind of trip. a widescreen composite of tribal drums, sinister synths and the beguiling mantras of an arcane cult. don t touch the brown acid... “soda jerk” is the everything but the kitchen sink moment on the ep, a hymn to over indulgence. unhinged electronic body music, a gloriously relentless assault on the senses. resistance is futile!
Phantasy Sound
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.02.16
livity sound founder kowton jacks the rapid fire drums and disquieting samples of cowboy rhythmboxs fantasma turning in a sub-heavy club roller that applies his peerless rave sensibility to the original s ghost train atmosphere. a burbling slice of bristol meets blackpool pier, only on phantasy white label, limited to 200 press. dont hang around.
Phantasy Sound
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.09.15
cowboy rhythmbox return to phantasy with a new set of recordings, following last year s celebrated debut two-side, we got the box and * rattle*, which gained international dj support from the likes of barnt, carl craig, seth troxler, roman flugel, kim-ann foxman, jackmaster and lena willikens, as well as featuring on erol alkans acclaimed fabriclive 77. fantasma s distinctive three tracks continue from where cowboy rhythmbox left us, a trident forged from the sweat of a thousand lost nights spent dishevelled beneath tarnished mirror balls.
Phantasy Sound
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9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.11.14
cowboy rhythmbox are nathan gregory wilkins and richard x, latest signings to phantasy. coming together to create their own singular strain of music for dancing, they draw on a collective love of outsider house, bargain bin cut-outs, hard drive debris, rudimentary jack trax, obscure tv themes, euro disco, ebm, detroit techno, the smith & wesson model 3 and horses. we got the box brings to life the playground game of repeat-a-word-until-it-sounds-weird, pushing and pulling a disembodied voice by milliseconds to create a hypnotic mind episode. on the flip rattle takes off where their debut track shake left off, a devastating barrage of industrial drums and frenetic chants. the vinyl ep comes with download code.
Phantasy Sound
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9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.07.17
before coming back in september for a new year of new releases, lddlm gives you their current mood and state of affairs in the form of a sampler 12inch grieve not, but try again. luke abbot s mix of easters champagne has been in our drawers since the very early days of the label but still shines as new. no dust gathered. easters synth pop is turned into a slow, yet nor chugging, futuristic r n b number. this is our conception of sunrise music. tom of england grasps the metallic fury of mutado pintado s classic lazy boy and chops it in a grinder. decomposition / re-composition with of high industrial standard. a scene from a future, a from-a-lost-tape edit by our underbuy manfredas has been one of our biggest club tracks for the last year. check his recent boiler room ending to know how warped yet strangely hit-like it is. finally, cowboy rhythmbox decided of their own accord to do a club edit of golden bugs physical disco. we liked it, we release it. simple and effective. jugular attack
Les Disques De La Mort
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.06.12
comeme means a body that gives itself away. everynow and then worldwide heralds of the loony beats, ritmo lunatics and self-styled electronic primitives join in for a nightlife fiction to become reality. this collective fantasy, utterly devoted to the dark side of the mirror ball, keeps a certain wanderlust. so, if you happen to have your globe at hand, let us twist the ball around and spotlight the places of comeme, episode 15.
Comeme 015
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7.59 EUR *
cd UK 26.09.14
es war an der zeit: erol alkan, gefeierter soundinnovator aus london, gern genutzter remixer und produzent, legt seine fabric-ausgabe vor. mit cooler lässigkeit schüttelt er sich dabei eine treibende selektion aus acid-house und exzentrischem electro aus dem Ärmel.
Last Copy!
14.99 EUR *
cd UK 28.11.12
der fabric-mix des britischen djs und produzenten daniel avery zielt direkt auf den peaktime-dancefloor! der jungstar des erol alkan labels phantasy zaubert ein infiziöses mixset aus neuen tracks und eigenproduktionen aus seinen fingern. besonders die drei exclusives sind explosiv: sein track naive reception, seine justin robertson kollaboration effect tweak sowie der tune seines großen vorbildes andrew weatherall, der hier als the asphodells exklusiv gastiert.
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
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