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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: cosmo & kramer
12" Vinyl D 22.07.19
moblack records is starting to release some of their most relevant music to date on vinyl. this first one is from cosmo & kramer featuring a previously unreleased track on the flip side
MoBlack Records
in stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.08.17
come together: re.yous younion returns with more sublime unifying forces. beats that bring us closer, feelings that break down barriers and artist partnerships whose creative connections are more than the sum of their parts. the message is clear in every directio, from the longstanding younion parties across europe to the slow-but-smouldering rise of the label, of which we are proud to present its third release tapping into the very same younion spirit that regularly shakes the walls of iconic clubs such as watergate berlin and pacha barcelona, this four track ep is an incisively curated collective ep comprising three acts who complement each other implicitly. as the dust still settles from florian busses recent younion outing, and solomun continues to hammer the labels first release from eins tiefer, the timing couldnt be better. the perennially on-point dutchman rancido takes the lead with two deep tribal odysseys that take root in the sound he’s made his signature. both >lagos< and the vinyl-only >rabat< conjure deep mystic textures around his stately, restrained and constantly developing grooves. there is a reason he is released with the mighty innervisions in the past. deeper again whips up a percussive storm over palpitating synths in the form of >dao< before handing the controls over to rising german duo cosmo & kramer for an inspiring finale. a duo has been championing since they warmed up for him five years ago, >dance< is a calling card for an extremely exciting future… and it more than lives up to its name. three releases deep and younions unifying forces couldnt be stronger. its time to combine.
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8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.05.12
first only available via!!
7th release by hummingbird, supported by marco carola, seth troxler, m.a.n.d.y, tiefschwarz, paco osuna, dubfire, gabriel ananda, luciano, magda, marko nastic, tim green, tim xavier, audiofly, dj t
out of stock
7.59 EUR *

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