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12" Vinyl UK 28.09.18
Fent Plates Records
out of stock
13.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.11.16
after eight years in operation, the dutch mwm-recordings kicks off its renewed vinyl framework. the imprint serves a wide, underground following and will reveal a new scala of bass-infused records overthe next few months. fort lauderdale’s drew’s theory steps up to the plate under a completely new catalogue number and presents you two of his brightest dubstep cuts. the original productions are backed by mouth-watering remix duties from mwm-recordings head-honcho m.a.w. and deep heads signees congi. if you’re in for a refreshing take on dubstep music, mwmv001 and the label’s future material will definitely be something to keep your eyes and ears peeled for.
MWM Recordings
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.09.14
the congi & quantum soul collaboration paragon encapsulates an epic presence all around, well formed atmospheric vocals couple the militant drum work. paragon carries a pungent low end pressure that must be felt on a proper sound system. - trusik
Pressed Records
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
HOLD (2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl UK 11.04.18
deep heads are very proud to present escapism refuge s album hold , the deluxe vinyl edition. it contains the full 13 tracks originally released at the end of 2017 with an added 5 tracks previously unreleased. 2 of the tracks are exclusive to the vinyl purchase that will only be available on download card that is foud inside each vinyl. there are 2 remixes in total to the deluxe edition, the first coming from none other than r&s / apollo records very own synkro. he put s a beautiful twist on the track fly away featuring chari brix and takes the record to new dimensions. the other remix of mistakes comes from nottingham s finest, congi. it s a 140bpm roller that packs a serious punch. the subs are blazing and beats are full & beefy. bravo congi, bravo! 1 of the previously unreleased tracsk is dream fly by the man himself. a little more experimental than his usual stuff, but is pretty incredible all the same. then the last 2 are secret for now, you ll have to grab yourself a copy and find out from the download card ,)
Deep Heads
in stock
18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.05.07
finest minimal techno stomper by mark broom & mihalis !! the rhythm will make you move – and not only move, you will dance like there’s no tomorrow. in >congi< the hard bass will strike you again and again. >come down< convinces with a classic minimal tune and a straight unique bass. lovers of >sabbath< – the former cooperation of broom and safras – can be sure, this is a must have
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
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