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best effort records jumps out of the box with their inaugural release ’number one’ - a selection of tracks that celebrate friends making music together. cold emotion are danny wild and rory stenning. the duo explore improvised club music using various keyboards and modular synthesisers. “toast” is a track taken from an extensive live recording session from 2015. accidental cv messages create unexpected cyclic baseline patterns while keyboard melodies float freely above jacking modular beats. the result is an imperfect, inspired club jam ready for any occasion. -cantao- pitches things down from the hypnotic frenzy of -toast- to offer a unique hybrid between computerized dub, subaquatic g-funk and triphop ambiance. canadian content! -manipulate me- is a collaboration between ivy barkakati and phran. the stark, alienated quality of ivy s spoken vocals & dark subject matter sounds even more claustrophobic and sinister backed up by the duo s frigid machine-funk, which is more in the spirit austere & icy 80s coldwave than modern house music. metric systems are a duo from somewhere in australia. the fathoms-deep -adaptation dub”, recored in 2009, is reminiscent of australia s after-hour dub technicians sheriff lindo or andy rantzen. look out for a full lp later in the year
Best Effort
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