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12" Vinyl UK 09.07.19
the uncrowned king of nordic touched speedy house cj scott is back for his 3rd release on art alfies velvet pony label. the ep contains three dance floor focused tracks thats been road tested thoroughly by art alfie himself over the past year with the conclusion never have so many super star djs been brought out from the greenroom for a track id
Velvet Pony
Last Copy!
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.04.18
next up to bat on art alfies velvet pony is stockholm talent and karlovak alumni cj scott and he hits way out of the park. the ep includes the highly anticipated track peaktimekatten already featured on baba stiltz resident advisor mix along with two more housebombs both bearing cjs signature touch of speed and urgency stretched out over the full length capacity of a records side. his previous release on karlovak gained huge support from the likes of martinez brothers and cassy.
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.03.16
cj scott is a stockholm based house talent with an extra
Karlovak Records
Last Copy!
10.49 EUR *
cd US 15.07.11
nervous records is one of americas longest standing independent dance labels. at 20 years, nervous has enjoyed chart toppers in the genres of house, hip hop, tribal, electro and pop-dance. for many, however, the essence of nervous will always be old school new york / chicago garage house, which was the music nervous started out with back in 1991, with releases from now world-famous producers like roger sanchez, armand van helden, todd terry and masters at work. that is the genre covered in this nervous 20 comp.
out of stock
12.79 EUR *
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