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12" Vinyl D 01.11.19
although we have a new rett i fletta-12inch by christian ready to drop we just had to share this piece of fine cheese with you. the trancey and heavy original on the a-side and a slightly discofied-but over the top version on b and finally a little teaser-version towards the end.
Full Pupp
in stock
9.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.09.19
nice techno 4 tracker by christian engh
Rett I Fletta
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.08.17
oslo newcomer christian engh is since long no new kid on the block here. after the pretty incredible kyllingsmak on full pupp spesial his new ep for techno sublabel rif is no less a stomper. compact, dry techno with the unmistakable pull, and build factor, we already now from him. same deep as kyllingsmak but with yet more beat, bleep,quirk and boom to it. all available on full pupps techno not techno offshoot rett i fletta!
Rett I Fletta
in stock
8.85 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.08.15
the first release of full pupp slipts, a new kind in our lovely fpinternasjonal smaland has finally arrived. weve set up this little offshoot basically to let tracks by separate artists carpool together instead of waiting for each artist to finish off a full ep. the finished tracks will(at least in theory)end up quicker in your record bag and youll get a cool combo of tracks for each release. for the first release youll get full pupp regular blackbelt andersen serving up the much requested dolphin sandwich and on the flip debutante and full pupp prospect christian enghs gives you kyllingsmak.
Full Pupp Splits
in stock
8.99 EUR *
2cd D 18.12.06
2nd season mixed by sven väth mit tracks 1st bass, vitalic, steve bug, alter ego, secret cinema, dj shufflemaster (geylang), speedy j, marco carola, aphex twin .... big names shake your hands
out of stock
19.90 EUR *
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