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12" Vinyl NL 08.12.17
the pieces were created as structured improvisations using a monophonic synth (primarily) along with a yamaha dx7 (borrowed from a friend) and possibly a guitar. recording was made on an older otari mx5050 1/2 8 track. mixing was done on a tascam m-50 console and a revox a77 1/4 machine. i recall the project happened in two bursts: i did half of it in september 85, then i finished up and edited the album together in december 85. i dont really recall making copies for anyone. i think i played it for a dozen people and that was it. just forgot about it. i remember jeff ament from pearl jam (green river back then) came by while i had it playing on my home stereo. he asked what it was and said he liked it. surprised me a little. with regard to overall aesthetic: i like the sound of machinery, but i enjoy the fragility of human error and human instinct. i like to put things into motion then climb aboard and drive. i canít play an instrument (in the classical sense) for the life of me, so iíve always just played things that are mostly choice rather than a convolution of style and technique. i guess you call that the brian eno school of rock.
ORB 07
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