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NSR 003 (140 G VINYL)
12" Vinyl. 140 g UK 11.06.18
northsouth records invite emergent talents chris geschwinder and henry hyde to whip up some dazzling peak time house fare. with each artist presenting themselves across two tracks. geschwinder is up first with the charging modern axis of evil. matching the haunting purr of the lead synths with an insistent kick and clap combo that can t be argued with. hes no slouch on in 2 either. getting into a subtly lopsided and seriously swinging spot that its hard to wriggle out of. henry hyde too seems to have a focused vision for what they create. fusing the pops and wobbles of minimal and matching it with the overall bulbous nature of the music on northsouth.
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11.49 EUR *
NSR 001
12" Vinyl UK 11.05.17
northsouth is a new london-based label. started between 3 friends. this first release sees frankfrurts chris geschwindner take charge on the north side and henry hyde on the south. each artist has provided 2 tracks. showcasing different sounds in their production styles and is a strong start for the new imprint.
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9.79 EUR *
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