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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: chris deluca
12" Vinyl US 28.12.18
four modern, textural, slow-burning instrumental hip hop soundscapes set a distinct mood on this new ep by the venerable chris deluca. heavy-hitting basslines and slightly ominous hat patterns dominate, leaving these cuts verging on the territory of dark, minimal electro destruction... with a subtle dose of that funky boom bap. perfectly applicable to both basement dancefloor experiments and gangster dealings alike. one half of berlin s funkstörung, alongside partner michael fakesch, de luca is more than well-versed in the genre, having done a few remixes for high-profile hip hop and experimental acts such as wu tang clan and bjork. they ve released an uncountable amount of records on labels !k7, compost records, music aus strom and acid planet, to name but a few. this is his first release for detroit underground. includes two fire remixes, one by fellow du resident producer valance drakes, and the second by none other than chris deluca s son, lenny deluca.
Detroit Underground
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