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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: chaos in the cbd / jon sable
12" Vinyl UK 06.11.17
ltd repress !! in dust we trust are back with their second 12- of 2017. this time the two entities, chaos in the cbd and jon sable, offer one side each. on side a, false awakening by chaos in the cbd attacks your brain with open, spacious pads and synthesised melodies that float on top of a dark and hypnotic percussive groove ù the kind that might make you miss your stop because you ve found yourself staring into space. on the flip side you have scumbag unity by jon sable, a loose dreamy track with dubbed-out pads and vocals that glide between a drum machine groove. this marks the second collaboration between jon sable and kroba of archie pelago, who plays the woozy basement-style saxophone that keeps your consciousness hooked. serious tip for those drawn to the deeper side of dance floor-ready records.
In Dust We Trust
out of stock
10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.04.17
tief welcome jon sable back for his second release on the label, this time backed with a remix by his new zealand buddies chaos in the cbd.
Tief Music
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9.49 EUR *

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