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12" Vinyl D 18.12.17
argentinian producer cemento delivers four uncompromising techno cuts on norwegian label ploink this december. now based in norway. the south american dj has spent well over a decade honing his craft both on the dance floor. organising his own club nights and in the studio. producing records for the likes of antarctic. primitive state and diligentia. after the release of his first full length album on faarikaal records earlier this year. cemento now delivers an ep on bergen-based imprint ploink. fjordens vei provides noisy ambiences underpinned by a pulsating low-end and a series of arpeggiated synthesisers which evolve with the tracks sharp percussion before trolls reise grips us with enticing chord progressions. gloomy atmospheres and crisp drum fills floating above a powerful and grooved bass line. forekomsten hits hard with a heavyweight kick. rolling hi-hats and thick dissonant drones whilst haunting motifs develop with dubbed out effects. remixed by enigmatic producer twinspeaker. the speaker extended mix of trolls reise demonstrates an intricate structure of intertwining melodies with acidic overtones to close out the release.
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96-16#2 EP
12" Vinyl D 06.06.16
thomas urv and miss mostlys norwegian techno imprint ploink drops the second in its trilogy of releases celebrating the brands 20-year anniversary. following on from the first release that featured renowned scandinavian artists such as prins thomas. mental overdrive. urhaug. nordenstam. christian tilt and hutmacher. the labels next outing sees five more members of the local scene make appearances.
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8.59 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 28.01.09
minimal clicky techhouse with a maximum load of groove and soul - great album!
Orac 17
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14.99 EUR *
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