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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: cave bear cult
12" Vinyl FR 11.04.07
house music at its best ! the a side start with the real floorfiller >keep on keepin on<! after a deep intro, this track get huge with its hypnotic synth. and the a2 track >catch the worm< continues in the house vein, but with a nu disco touch. a perfect link between all ny city producers, from mr v and masters at work to metro area ! the b1 >remembering mr k alexi shelby< sounds like a perfect tribute to all chicago masters. and with the b2 >spaghettidisco<, the cave bear cult get back to the 80s with a warm italo track. an ep for the like of pete herberts and reverso 68, metro area, lindstrom and prins thomas, mr v, louie vega, osunlade, house, italo, nu disco, chicago and ny house!
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