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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: carlton jumel smith & cold diamond & mink
7" Vinyl UK 16.08.19
you just can t keep a man like carlton jumel smith down. this time around we get another soulful k.o. from his debut album in the form of -love our love affair-, a mid-tempo groover drawn from that sweet well of southern soul. one of the fortes of carlton s -1634 lexington ave.- lp is that it flows along as an entity but also revels in the strengths of its individual parts. this fourth single brings out another stylistic strain from carlton and cold diamond & mink s repertoire. after the tight intro and the vibraphone licks have set the scene there are twists and turns plus some classy action from jukka eskola on trumpet, did we mention the instrumental on the flip side? this single might be just the thing you needed to jump start the morning or blast in your sunday evening radio show.
Timmion Records
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8.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 06.03.19
deep vintage soul sounds
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7.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl D 19.02.18
i cant love you anymore is the first single by hard working soul performer carlton jumel smith recorded with cold diamond & mink, and the man has revealed his middle name just for the occasion. otherwise known simply as carlton j. smith, theres no doubt he has swallowed a large pill of soul since seeing james brown live at the apollo theatre as an 8-year old. smiths timmion debut single sinks him into drum heavy southern flavored deep soul, a style that comes out of him naturally as water from a mountain spring. backing him up on the falsetto parts is pratt, who recently turned some heads with his pratt & moody release lost lost lost on stylart records, and together the two basically nail it. when looking for artists, who just seem to move through time effortlessly with a steady air of confidence, passion and precision, one might pick up the phone and give cjs a call. even though his discography of couple of late 2000s albums and some guest spots in early 90s soulful house 12inches is a bit mysterious, there seems to be not one bit of difficulty to his craft or personality. as a recording artist, i cant love you anymore is a new opening into raw soul territory, and it is just what the world needs today. he laid down an album worth of tracks on his last helsinki visit, and this might be something to look forward to.
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7" Vinyl UK Pre sale
7.99 EUR *
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