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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: cari lekebusch and joseph capriati
12" Vinyl UK 29.09.11
* missed flight* sees two of drumcodes most prominent artists, cari lekebusch and joseph capriati, team up to deliver a 2 track vinyl ep of essential modern techno.
while lekebusch is a veteran, joseph capriati is part of the upsurge of new talent who have been grabbing increasingly intense attention over the past few years. the pairing of a prodigious new talent (somewhat new – capriati has developed quite a catalogue for an artist in his early twenties) with someone of lekebuschs standing is always an enticing prospect so >missed flight< looks set to turn heads from its billing alone. >missed flight< the track comes on like the perfect theme to the arrival of autumn. the tones are moody and the groove is linear, penetrating and eerily appointed. a kubrick-esque breakdown of pulses and space is the only thing that breaks the momentum and adds a deliciously creepy characteristic to proceedings. track two, >napoli 4am<, balances out its darker tinged predecessor with a shuffling 909 funk and playful groove combination that pairs up with subtly delayed hits deep fm synth work brilliantly.
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