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12" Vinyl lp UK 05.12.18
first vinyl reissue since 1976, limited to 500 copies.
Tidal Waves
A1: Hypertension
A2: Good Old Funky Music
A3: Oh What A Pity
A4: Take The Time (To See Beauty Around You)
B1: Comin' On Strong
B2: Open Up Your Mind
B3: Ritmo Latino
B4: Monster (From The Black Toms)
Last Copy!
34.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.08.08
calender and monkey dubz team up to bring us the 2nd installment of war dubz, after the success of the first one we are sure this is set to fly off those shelves too
Heavy Artillery
in stock
9.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 03.06.09
the inter-war dance bands of british west africa are often strikingly similar in sound to trinidadian orchestras like lovey s string band (credited with the first calypso recordings, in 1912). however, the first west african calypso recordings in the modern style are from freetown, sierra leone in the early 1950s, by ebenezer calendar and famous scrubbs. in arrangements blending african and european instruments, the brass plays out the legacy of colonial military bands, albeit hair-down and a little ramshackle now, and the beautiful creole lyrics are as upful, quick, current, musical and intimate as any classic calypsonian s.
Honest Jons
out of stock
16.99 EUR *
cd UK 25.04.13
fokuz recordings presents fifty five a release that displays a wide variety of drum and bass styles by various artists around the globe! expect the freshes beats from fokuz residents command strange, dj clart, incident, talented newcomers like soligen, type-2, joakuim and rising stars hybrid minds, paul sg, pennygiles & mr joseph.
Fokuz Recordings
Last Copy!
9.49 EUR *
cd D 16.11.12
sadar is chicagos best keep secret.he is one of the most sort after djs in the world of soul, funk and disco. he did a lot of dj gigs in the us, japan and europe. limited 1000 copies of a very special vinyl edition will be produced as gatefold 2x12inch vinyl along with a 7 inch single. most of the tracks on this compilation are extremely rare and hard find on vinyl or cd.this release will be complimented with full radio and press campaign.sadar bahar has a strong online community of loyal fans
BBE165CCD (311652)
BBE Records

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out of stock
13.99 EUR *

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