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12" Vinyl NL 02.08.13
brand new release on the footsteppa. make sure you check this one out. its rollin!
Footsteppa Records
in stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.06.13
hailing from rotterdam, c.o.n.e is a principal member of a collective of young producers making what’s commonly tagged as bruk-step: a sub-genre of grime that incorporates the percussive structure and production sensibilities of broken-beat. having delivered two typically resounding remixes for loungin in the last 6 months, c.o.n.e now delivers a full artist ep for the west london-based imprint.
as an avid vinyl collector of loungins output in the early-2000s, the 4 tracks forming the doppa ep were purpose-made to reflect the influence solid grooves designs had on him in the early-2000s. already aired on rinse fm, the eps weighty title track is supported by pressure – a more classic cut of percussion-heavy broken house. reach is deeper inclusion that features the vocals of footsteppa records affiliate tink, before ravi completes the package in a fractured grid of dub-techno.
Loungin Recordings
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp + 2xcd UK 02.09.13
die neueste tru thoughts label-compilation *shapes: circles* wurde von a&r und label-mitinhaber robert luis zusammengestellt, *shapes: circles* erscheint auf doppel-lp (12 tracks) mit voller 2cd-einlage (30 tracks). die zusammenstellung bringt das beste des aktuellen sound des labels über 30 tracks, darunter eine handvoll remixe, vorabexklusive tracks - darunter ein newie von ihrem neuesten signing titeknots und ein vorab album-track der aufsteigenden soul sensation harleighblu.
Tru Thoughts
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.04.13
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.11.12
haling from asuncion, lpzs ariel soler, javier rodriguez and jorge carron have spent the past 4 years gradually putting paraguay on the dance music map. for whats proving to be their watershed year, may saw the trio release the well-circulated >1983< ep via the body work imprint, shortly before delivering an era-themed mix for the fashion rag, dazed & confused. now, following on from a recent collaboration with hyperdubs lv, the south americans make their debut on the long serving loungin recordings. >the benedict & grace ep< combines two purpose-made productions specifically crafted to align with the west london imprints heritage for house at the deeper end of the spectrum. cloaked in hardware reverb, a-side >benedict< takes deep house to the doors of driving dub-techno, while >grace< represents a refined garage roller, more respective of loungins output in the early-2000s. over on the flip, rotterdams increasingly revered bruk-step lynchpin c.o.n.e converts grace into an industrious slab of mechanical grime, before the porto-based trikk applies his low-end house sensibilities to benedict by stripping it down into a slab of deep yet futuristic minimalism.
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
cd UK 15.12.08
15 full length tracks + exclusives! incl. karizma,simbad, pharoahe monch, dego, kaidi tatham, colonel red & c.o.n.e.
out of stock
18.89 EUR *

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