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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 22.03.19
pressing on single sided clear vinyl with laser-cut design on the flip.
Next Level Dubstep
Last Copy!
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 11.05.18
if you ever been to a dubstep rave in the past 4 years you probably heard under control being smashed through the system. nearly every dj in the scene supported the original and it still holds it own to this day. a true dubstep classic that will not be forgotten so easily. truth, the widdler and the main man himself went in and delivered 3 mind blowing remixes that do the original so much justice. something that doesnt happen very often some might say. relive this dubstep classic through the eyes of truth, the widdler and of course it’s creator bukez finezt.
Subway Recordings
Last Copy!
9.39 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp NL 15.07.16
after being in the game for 10 years the bukez’ sound has become a fundamental part of the dubstep scene. his unique approach on the sound has gained him the support of the scenes biggest artists and turned him into one of the scenes most loveable dj’s. be prepared for an album that will make you bounce, chill, mosh and skank your feet off because you are not ready for this!
the 2x12 inch release includes a code for free download of the full album.
Subway Recordings
out of stock
24.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.05.14
rarely you come across a record which embodies dubstep so well that rallies the entire scene behind it. from the brosteppers to the deep heads this record has been getting love from all corners of the earth. were talking about under control the latest outing from germanys next top wobble aka bukez finezt. its eerie intro sets the tone perfectly to interlude this hypnotic stomper. once the sonic warfare is unleashed itll transport you to a word of desolation, where aliens run rampant and technology has absorbed everything around them
Subway Recordings
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 31.07.17
12inch whitelabel, limited to 200 hand stamped and numbered copies. following their 3rd compilation nurned.03 the nurn-up, through my speakers brings 3 of these tracks to wax, including the sought after execute by radar bird, which artists like dbrigde, om unit and many more have been heavily playing for the last 2 years and making dance floors going awe all over the world. in addition to that the sampler features a production from nght drps titled timebomb dub, another proof of his talent to craft deep, bassline heavy dubstep cuts with a dready twist and furthermore deep medi affiliate bukez finezts with ladies and cash an ice-cold banger to make you go nuts and spray 16 bars. last but not least this 12inch gets completed with the ignorant juke banger 160bpm, recorded and mixed to a 2track at a hazy afternoon in 2016 by sarah farina, walter vinyl, soulmind and radar bird during a session at redbullstudios berlin and successfully tested afterwards by rainbowbass queen sarah farina during her world tour.
Through My Speakers
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
2x cd UK 06.05.14
2cds, 34 upfront and exclusive tracks feat.flux pavillion, skream, benga, caspa, seven lions..
AEI Music
out of stock
13.95 EUR *

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