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12" Vinyl D 14.02.20
incl. ricardo villalobos remix
Cocada Music
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.09.13
as usual in off, we keep scouting the best in deep house throughout the whole world, this time our music venture takes us again to one of the most thriving scenes in the world: brazil. experienced duo from rio, bruce leroys formed by diogo & marcelo make their debut with a huge first ep
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
cd D Pre sale
get physical presents: cocada is a brand new compilation put together in cooperation with the brazil music conference, and is compiled and mixed by local and long time star leo janeiro. all bar one of the 14 tracks is exclusive, and all come from exciting brazilian talents, making for a great window into the scene. ‘cocada is a word that evokes strong childhood memories for all brazilians. it is a delicious coconut sweet which, says the label, is a little surprise in the middle of an ordinary day that makes you appreciate all the good things of brazil. as such, it is a perfect name for this selection which features tracks from big and emerging names alike. under the name cocada well be launching music and organizing workshops and parties, in order to bring greater visibility to the electronic music being produced in brazil and throughout latin america, says get physicals managing director roland leesker. our desire is to create an international platform both for emerging underground producers and well-known artists, a&r manager matt plessis adds. cocada is very sweet and we want to give the world an opportunity to taste some of those powerful delights that have been produced in brazil,. among the albums more established producers is hnqo, who runs the playperview label and has released on hot creations. his track ‘sorrow is a moody cut with a shapeshifting lead synth that brings a zoned out feel.
14.99 EUR *
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