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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: break fields mako & villem / getz
12" Vinyl UK 28.12.12
founded only 3 years ago by mako, the utopia music imprint has already made a positive impact on the drum & bass scene with a stable of innovative producers. next up on the release schedule is a massive tenth release in the form of utopia 10. the a-side sees a mighty collaboration between label owner mako, break, fields and villem. with all these guys on the track, you know the bar is set high. dont let the chilled beginnings of dilligence lure you into a false sense of security because you will soon be smacked around the head with a bassline that is verging on psychotic and beats ready to bring down anything that stands in the way. on the flip side, russian producer getz carries on where they left off with the rolling, relentless basslines of my soul. i love how the vocal samples lend a feeling of despair to the music.
Utopia Music
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