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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: bowery hotline & metropol
12" Vinyl UK 20.07.18
nyc based label and radio show ethereal beatbox returns with 4 fresh cuts home cooked right here in the big city by two of its natives.
side a introduces the mysterious bowery hotline - a born and bred new yorker. crate digger. and crafty producer. starting things off right with tough and slappy b’more style rhythms and an ode to saucy diva vocals. “you tha one” is sure to shake any floor into submission. track 2 brings an irresistible boom-chicka mover “fanfare track”. perfectly blending rave. house. and that sweet snap of our favorite drum break of all time.
on the flip pastel voids label don metropol (c.perez) delivers a distinctly brooklyn sound with two house. techno and hip hop infused instant classics. “we accept ebt” is a guaranteed hype constructor nodding to euphoric moments of rave and chugging rhythms of inner city life. on a more contemplative tip. perez delivers “half court”. closing the ep with a kinetic reflection of his native sunset park and its vibrant streets.
Ethereal Beatbox
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