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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: bottin presents
12" Vinyl NL 08.04.21
hot! new bottin edits on his own artifact label!
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.05.19
disco cuzzz
Violette Szabo
in stock
10.32 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 12.05.14
sarcastic and obscure neo-italo-wave band cristalli liquidi once again steps into limelight with a third single on the equally mysterious artifact imprint.
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 20.01.14
bottin is back with his highly collectible artifact edits. this 12 is dedicated to lucio battisti (well known among disco heads for il veliero) - here bottin has reworked some lesser-known songs that take you on a horseback ride revealing the balearic side of the legendary italian songwriter. only 200 copies!
out of stock
9.35 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.05.12
the collectable artifact imprint is taking a detour from incendiary and obscure disco re-issues into releasing even more obscure material. mysterious italian electro-wave band cristalli liquidi are featured here with a killer rare italo gem produced by tinto b. (also known for robots are un-american, re-released on italians do it better last year). inspired by a lcd soundsystem song tinto b. comes with this great record! we cant find the connection to the lcd soundsystem track that supposed to have been his source of inspiration, and actually we dont care... its some of the best recent italo disco we ve heard in a while! if you are big on italo vocals the a side is for you, if instead you dig deep electro disco but without the chanting, the dub version on the flip side will more than certainly send you into italo space. another hot artifact release from mr. bottin. tip! (limited supplies!)
out of stock
9.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.11.10
the most favourite of italian producers, bottin, returns with an old project. tinpong is a collaboration between bottin and swiss singer joy freypong. these tasty masters were just gathering dust on an old hard disc in venice but when we heard them we just had to get these gems out there.
the first of the tinpong material is a cover version of a duran duran classic. set dials to 1982, >new religion< is of course one of the standout tracks from the classic >rio< album.
Nang Records
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 15.06.11
again, a new discofil release. this time its a mini lp curated by venice-based dj and producer bottin whos showcasing some of his favourite proto-italo oddities, or if you will, an outing of some of his essential influences, dating back to bottins childhood years in italy. bottins earlier releases has been on quality labels such as eskimo, italians do it better, bear funk, nang and the obscure artifact bootlegs. adding discofil to his impressive catalogue, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
cd UK 28.06.11
the source material is varied and wide: 70s and 80s classics & tints from human league, rusty egan and space. cutting edge indy from hot chip, moshi moshis james yuill. underground house, disco and techno from baxendale, hiem, arj snoek and chelonis r jones. not forgetting jks take on some great songs by pocket and bozzwell. all threaded together in perfect tapestry. yes justus, you certainly are a master.
Nang Records
Last Copy!
13.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.02.11
as nang completes its first two years on the planet things are going pretty well. we are certainly not getting rich in financial terms but the love of the music and plaudits are warming our souls to the core. along the way we have also managed to work with some amazing artists and introduce some mighty-fine new ones to the world so it is with great pleasure that we bring you the 2nd installment of our >array< series. it is a stock-take of the best nang tunes from the past year, some previews on future hits and some tracks we just had to release!
Nang Records
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
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