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12" Vinyl UK 13.03.18
this is the first album of borusiade. in which she takes her music to a new level. finding her very own expression. that is making us first shiver then sweat. then chill and finally melt. cómeme starts 2018 by proving again to be a safe haven and a sanctuary for sensitive plants and unique characters devoted to music just like miruna boruzescu aka borusiade from bucharest who conquered the radio stations of our parallel worlds and utopian desire. dream catcher was the name of the show. and jeopardy. a nocturnal ep. her first release on vinyl.
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12" Vinyl UK 01.11.17
silent is the new single by miruna boruzescu aka borusiade from bucharest. silent is a suffocated cry. silent as in silence that is hard to take. sitting and waiting in silence. while exploding on the inside. silent as in silence before the storm. an intense track that recalls industrial spaces. hedonism. sweat. sex and disconnection from the outside world. the rattling sound of ghost train passing by. or big reverberated factory machines unleashed. body music 2017. the b side features a remix by the project khidja . also hailing from bucharest. and is driven by the tracks bass synth. a neurotic now school electro rapture take on the original. silent will be part of borusiades debut album that will be unleashed next year via comeme.
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12" Vinyl UK 19.08.16
played by dj sofa. benjamin fröhlich. lesyeux orange
p-balans is a new imprint in the future nuggets emerging constellation. a tehnodelia ramification within the bucharest electronic scene that will host rising names like khidja and borusiade while introducing new characters like the holy fix (camil dumitrescu. co-member of delusion men) and utopus (ion d. producer of steaua de mare. raze de soare. anahore?ii among others) already featured on -sounds on the unheard from romania vol. 2-. keeping the same strategies of fusion and diffusion as future nuggets. p-balans will explore the space traversal to techno. entering and exiting the dark halls of the club through multiple doors
PB 001
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12" Vinyl D 13.05.16
Correspondant 44
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12" Vinyl D 29.01.16
borusiade – jeopardy i know i heard your voice. like a phantom frequency wrapped in the news of a dying world. - borusiade
Comeme 031
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12" Vinyl UK Pre sale
volume 2 of retakes of c cat trances unique post-punk meets world beat brings the collaboration between malka tuti and emotional rescue to a close. here again. the label s call in a selection of heads to re-envisage a modern vision of the music to present a perfect representation for today.
ERC 046-2/MT 013)
Emotional Rescue/Malka Tuti
11.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.08.17
p-balans is activating again all its current accomplices in order to reinforce the heretic electronic scene of bucharest. a first collaboration of khidja. masters of psychedelic depths. and delusion men (comprised of holy fix and utopus). the reliable founding persons of future nuggets. all together delivering a smash techno-punk ep uplifted by an enchanting slowburner remix signed by borusiade.
PB 004
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 21.07.17
remixes by avalon emerson. lena willikens. kim ann foxman and borusiade ! &#923...&#941...&#957...&#945... &#928...&#955...&#940...&#964...&#969...&#957...&#959...&#962... (lena platonos) is a greek musician. pianist and music composer. her debut solo album. &#924...&#940...&#963...&#954...&#949...&#962... &#919...&#955...&#943...&#959...&#965... (sun masks) was produced in 1984 and reissued by dark entries in 2016. the album featured experiments with different sounds and a new batch of electronic equipment. such as the roland tr 808 drum machine and yamaha c60 synthesizer. lena narrates each song in deadpan fashion. skillfully reciting her surreal greek poetry. her lyrics deal with the futility of love. the gap of human relationships. consumerist alienation in the bourgeois lifestyle of the 1980s.
Dark Entries
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16.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl D 28.11.16
“dechainee” ist die neue single von headman/robi insinna. zusammen mit sängerin justine is colette. dazu remixes von borusiade und mr tc. die veröffentlichung beinhaltet zudem zwei videos von robi insinna. limitierte edition 7” vinyl inkl. mp3-download coupon mit drei zusätzlichen tracks. cover artwork im siebdruck. hand-nummeriert und auf 100 stück limitiert!
in stock
21.95 EUR *
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