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12" Vinyl NL 08.02.19
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9.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.07.18
new zealand based ebm auteur body beat ritual makes his debut on bergerac with an incendiary ep of full throttle intense dark wave bangers. growing up in north west england immersed in hardcore punk and rave culture led to musical experiments and body beat ritual is his unique splicing of both aesthetics. using a combination of hardware, audio samples and midi sequencing, body beat ritual reclaims the moment when underground musicians in manchester, chicago and ghent put down their guitars and picked up drum machines and sequencers bringing the intensity, rawness and aggression of the band environment to the dancefloor. mortal sin is a certified smasher. absolute dancefloor decimation whenever its played out. no more description necessary. no mercy evokes the lost boys vibe with an equally high octane raw workout. trent reznor meets jeff mills at a daf gig on a flatliner. the ep closes with body politics which lowers the tempo to a chuggier zone, with an ode to female empowerment which keeps up that body beat pressure and intensity.
out of stock
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2xcd UK 26.06.17
our first go ibiza compilation has been compiled by bobby & steve and michael hughes and mixed by our very own bobby & steve. it features 28 amazing tracks and is modelled around the launch of our groove odyssey presents go ibiza four day weekender, which took place from the 19th-22nd of may 2017 at the beach star hotel, san antonio bay, ibiza. with over 40 artists from around the globe coming together on the magical island of ibiza, it was a memorable affair and many of the guests now feature on the album.
Groove Odyssey
Last Copy!
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