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12" Vinyl D 13.11.18
Depth Request
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12" Vinyl D 09.07.18
whether or not techno music is destructive and to what degree is fair concern to have, but there s no denying that it can call upon our primal instinct of surrendering to rhythms together with everyone around the proverbial camp fire. sure, the camps of today are the clubs, and the fires are strobes, but that doesn t change the essence of rituals that we continue practicing. the release stays close to 130 bpm and offers efficient tools for the dancefloor: airy, for one, represents a syncopated narrative of wonder and magical realism, whereas in the hands of gotshell it becomes less contemplative, shifting to a more direct perspective. backed by cascading kicks xi takes a dive into atonal realm, and kujin —the most brutal number of ep—offers a densely packed treble range running above the hammering 3/3 kicks. with hydra, it s a trip laden with wondrous soundscapes, shamanic percussion and sensations of unexplored grounds emanating from the bassline, after which the closer trioptic provides a rebellious theme fitting for times of unrest and resistance.
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12" Vinyl D 13.10.17
artist: blasted title: -aelien ii- format: 12- label: aelien catalogue number: aev02 country: it genre: techno, industrial exclusive: yes price: 5.80€ asteroid records catalogue keeps expanding exponentially. label chief blasted brings you more of his purely analogue creations. italian producer continues series of eps titled aelien, and aelien ii is presented thusly – two new originals by blasted backed by two reworks from monolith records owner sirio gry j and paul birken – a one-man techno army from minneapolis. ethereal bassline will kick off the opener reborn, but the serenity of intro will be quickly interrupted by heavy-duty drum kicks, synthetic fields and high-reaching, chirping drops of reverberated acid. in his vision of reborn, sirio gry j leaves no window open for light – it s a grim, completely disarming ode to warehouse-held midnight sessions, intended to instantly penetrate the mind s defense system with oppressive kicks supported by tightly compressed low bass. next up is arkham – its resonant, uncanny bassline will give you the thrills while acid-soaked, syncopated kicks will keep providing the energy required for some boundaryless dancefloor frenzy. lastly, paul birken elevates arkham to a faster pace, straightening out the kicks, and making them more bouncy, while reshaping the bassline into a less sinister, more lively undertone
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12" Vinyl D 25.08.17
italian artist blasted is ready to spread his stunning music with an intense four-track ep, aelien i. the industrial architecture of this project defines the lines of his modern techno concept. blasted welcomes two remixes from the acclaimed, berlin-based producers unhuman and blush response. the ep goes straight to its revelation, neurotic patterns which bump into a dark misanthropy, an experimental sound that becomes more and more cryptic. the second track is a powerful remix by blush response and it is the result of a metallic explosion due to a mental calculation of dusty beats and low basses. unhuman s remix closes the ep, dark forces make it clear about the distorsion and intensity of aelien i s noise, techno rhythm. welcome to a unique variation of massive techno sphere.
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12" Vinyl D 16.11.16
this is the first project of a series of vinyl, which aim is to explore the deep link between man and analogic machines. every track is sampled by analogic hardware machines in order to keep the unique, distorted, boiling sound like only these instruments are able to do. this four-track release is the result of a dogged industrial groove fixed by the deepest techno side of the drum. it mesmerizes with the electric pulse of its eclectic riffs and the power of its raving sound.
Asteroid Records
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12" Vinyl D 25.02.11
new label with mebers from berlin, dresden and hamburg .. all tracks around the techhouse field
We are all prostitutes
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12" Vinyl D 14.01.10
liquid blasted, russias most famous hardcore producer, delivers a bad ass industrial tekno ep sure to twist your head and crash your speakers. these 4 tracks deliver great production and fierce beats to mix into hardcore & tekno so dont miss out on this underground gem.
Industrial Strenght
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12" Vinyl US 16.04.09
asd008 sees the return of alex krueger and a welcome one at that! this oneÆs 5 tracks deep (including a digital exclusive) and includes a pair of fine remixes from londoner-in-berlin, mark henning, ôblasted bitchö is tigerskin at his best. the title cut is a feast of sonic trickery, with sounds playing off each other beautifully to create a wide, dense soundscape which, paired with clipped percussion, clever dancefloor arrangement, evil laugh & crude vocal sample this one delivers tough. henning, a man known for his abilities with sound design himself, takes a darker route with his interpretation which, while still driving, is more of a heads down late night affair û riddled with oddball delays and some unnerving vox efx. ôwhat theö takes a turn to the darkside, moody, sharp, reveb laden and pulsing, the track is real heavy business watch out for that unholy belgian hardcore synth riff a la ômentasmö, thereÆs a real æmomentÆ in there. to round off the original cuts. responseö continues seeing tigerskin provide a straighter groove but one which displays some sterling keyboard work and strong break. finally, henning provides another remix of the title track as the digital only addition all too important these days. futuristic deep, tech-house is about as close as a description anyone needs for this superb final piece of an equally superb package.
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12" Vinyl D 15.06.07
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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.19
a unique, rhythmic and psychedelic offering from sunny balm. strongly recommended artwork by murray collier & lindsay todd silkscreened by house of traps
Sacred Summits
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20.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl UK 25.07.18
rephlex producer eod drops a mind-bending fifteen track debut album on bjarki’s bbbbbb this june. born in trondheim, norway, stian gjevik is a rarity amongst electronic music producers. possibly the most interesting musician representing the braindance and idm sounds of today, eod’s productions have landed on labels like we&#769,,,me&#768,,, records, sleepers, cpu, 030303 and aphex twin’s highly respected rephlex. dropping on bbbbbb last year, his ‘swurlk ep’ sold out within a month and received support from aphex twin, bicep, bjarki, nina kraviz and many more. “it s the album i ve wanted to do since i started making music - feels like a dream come true. inspired by what got me into electronic music in the first place, jungle and early ‘00s warp/rephlex -drill & bass--type stuff, but shifted through my own eod-style lens. oh yeah and loads of lovecraft references because i love those.” - eod a must-listen for fans of sublime synth-driven cuts, otherworldly beatless affairs and frenetic, machine- driven jams, eod’s ‘named’ is a refreshing and highly anticipated debut long player from a true master of his craft.
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12" Vinyl D 15.06.18
strong industrial techno - 4 tracks
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4x12" Vinyl NL 11.03.15
four psychik genocide releases for one special price:
- pkgrx 09: x-fly – the remixes ep
- pkgrx010: progamers – game after game remixes
- pkgrx13: the sickest squad – opera prima remixes
- pkgrx14: the speed freak – mutations 01
Psychik Genocide
A1: X-Fly - Chart To Chart (The Sickest Squad Remix)
A2: X-Fly - Chart To Chart (DJ Sirio Remix)
B1: X-Fly - Neuroscan (Venom & Goetia Remix)
B2: X-Fly - Neuroscan (Liquid Blasted Remix)
C1: Progamers - Secret Map (Scratch Deal-A Remix)
D1: P
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17.99 EUR *
MOLE CITY (2X12 LP, 180G + MP3)
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 30.09.13
mole city is not in the tradition or deviating from the tradition – it is the tradition. after two decades of launching drums, guitars and pianos through the shifting interzones between harmony and chaos (moonlighting along the way with the likes of sleater-kinney, wild flag, elliott smith, built to spill and a long list of others), quasi are a genre of their own - they write songs in the style of quasi, and mole city is the quasi song book: parlour sing-alongs for the last century.
now in their 20th year as a band, and a two-piece once again, sam coomes and janet weis hand-deliver the double album/liberation cookbook/encyclopedia of kicking ass, mole city, to those of us who still care about well-built, homemade objects crafted with integrity, spirit, fire, and skill.
pressing on double 180 gram heavyweight virgin vinyl, housed in gatefold sleeve with mp3 download code included.
Domino Records
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12" Vinyl D 06.07.12
play/support by:tube & berger, hanne & lore, rené bourgeois, ron flatter, slam, glanz & ledwa, sud bencer, rich vom dorf, mojiito, foolik, marcus meinhardt uvm.
Damm Records
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.10.11
Head Fuck Records
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.08.09
mit einem haufen guter kritiken im ruecken erscheint you re in the painting you saw, das debut des daenischen indie wunders lily electric, 2009 auch in deutschland. die in berlin lebende band veroeffentlicht ihr debut nach zwei jahren intensiven tourens und geht somit nicht mehr ganz unbekannt an den start. im februar 2009 waren lily electric gemeinsam mit slut unterwegs, viele festivalauftritte machten die band zwischen austin und riga bekannt. you re in the painting you saw entstand zusammen mit mikkel holtoug in einem alten radiostudio in berlin lichtenberg. gemischt hat dimitri tikovoi (john cale, placebo, the horrors).
TacticLP0809 (921541)
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2xcd D 04.07.16
auf 2 cds finden sich hier die derzeit besten und angesagtesten clubhouse-hits, die diesen sommer auf allen wichtigen europäischen festivals rauf und runter gespielt wurden und werden. house festival megamix 2016 gibt den spirit der großen festivals (tomorrowland, parookaville, nature one, holi farbrausch, etc.) wieder und präsentiert die hits aus den charts, dance-charts und von den turntables der bekannten djs in einem energiegeladenen megamix mit über 80 tracks ein echtes schwergewicht also. house festival megamix 2016, dont miss it!
in stock
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2x cd UK 23.04.13
having already mixed one of the most standout albums in the series, and with his distinction in the global scene still remaining unmatched, it seem only fitting that 1605s head honcho be the first to return: blending a second round of blistering techno cuts its toolroom knights mixed by umek 2.0
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