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12" Vinyl (180g) D 09.07.18
our good friend riccardo aka. black loops joined rough limited with his buddy innocent soul from italy. they made three classic house cuts for this vinyl only release. >the lady< is opening the ep - a classic homage to all old school chicago house tracks with a chopped vocal sample. listening to the b-side, there is >from the streets< a more disco influenced track with pianos and a moog baseline. with a raw & authentic house stomper there is >smoke signals< on b2 to round up the whole package. enjoy!
Rough Limited
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.01.18
this one is for people who like the real disco tools. for dudes who love the style of dj harvey, prins thomas or todd terje. for djs that want the girls to dance. toy tonics lead honcho black loops teamed up with italo-spanish dj innocent soul in his berlin studio. do we have to introduce black loops? not really: he started his career on toy tonics three years ago. meanwhile did 5 eps on the label - including his main club hit sex (that was one of the 50 most sold house tracks on beatport in 2016). innocent soul is a young italian living in barcelona where he is a quite established kid in the nightlife scene. vittorio rinaldi his name. he is resident dj at space music garden project and resident for the modular project at city hall. like black loops he is not really innocent. at least if it comes to music. he is a huge lover and collector of disco, afro, black, raw and house music vinyl. you can hear the influences in this ep for sure. rollin. this ep is a bomb.
Toy Tonics
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9.49 EUR *

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