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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: betonkust & palmbomen ii
2x12" Vinyl NL 24.05.18
recorded in an ageing holiday park during off-season, center parcs is the debut lp by dutch artists betonkust & palmbomen ii a conceptual, musical-tristesse full of lo-fi harmony, and fanciful, psychedelic-coloured modulations, with an undercurrent of saturated, outsider-house beats, all recorded to tape. with a shared passion for experimental music, and gnarled dutch electro, the duo have crafted an lp of esoteric-electronic-pop, reflective of the time the two spent holed-up in isolation, in the out-of-time center parcs setting
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19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.05.18
taken from the forthcoming dekmantel lp center parcs by esoteric dutch production duo betonkust & palmbomen ii, comes the leo/ mirjamí. the track is a rendition of upbeat-melancholic, future- retroism, and a slice of saturated house music. the flip features a special, unyielding, acid-tempo rework by legowelt. likely to vanish soon.. tip!
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12.15 EUR
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12" Vinyl NL 01.03.18
to celebrate the 10th anniversary of dekmantelís goings on in the world of events, festivals, and great music, the team behind the label have been releasing a record a month featuring some of their favourite artists, as part of a ten-year anniversary series collection. featuring acts close to the labelís collective, debuts, and legacy talents the crew have always wanted to sign, the series has seen the likes of gigi masin, call super, fatima yamaha, and more. this penultimate ep, sees dekmantel debut releases by lena willikens, space dimension controller, and dutch lo-fi star betonkust and palmbomen, in addition to a special cut by bufima
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9.09 EUR *
12.99 EUR
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