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12 Inch 05.03.21
fantastic 4-tracker from benjamin fröhlich for live at robert johnson.
Playrjc 065
Live at Robert Johnson
in stock
12.60 EUR *
12 Inch 13.11.20
incl. johannes albert remixes. tip!
Frank Music
out of stock
10.08 EUR *
12 Inch 24.02.20
incl. fort romeau remix
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
8.10 EUR *
12 Inch 26.08.19
incl. remixes by massimiliano pagliara, rhode & brown, panthera krause, cornelius doctor remixes
Permanent Vacation
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8.10 EUR *
2x12 Inch LP 11.05.19
2x12 inch lp by benjamin froehlich
Permanent Vacation
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15.55 EUR *
12 Inch 30.04.18
after the original comes the remix. or in this case three. i:cube, chinaski and aera help you refresh your memory and re-draw drawn from memory from benjamin fröhlichs second part of the rude movements series. its one single track, but every remixer has taken his very own approach and came up with a new interpretation. the iconic french producer and permanent vacation long time favourite, i:cube, transformed the original into a soul warming and heart melting late night bomb that lets the sun appear even in the darkest places. chinaski out of frankfurt, well known from his releases on live at robert johnson and uncanny valley, fuses italo disco with a john carpenter-style soundtrack aesthetic and an infectious bassline completed by a full on guitar solo in the break. aera, fresh from releasing his album on permanent vacation, is slowing down the tempo, rearranging the layers of the original and adding a bubbly and underwater atmosphere that let the dub stabs shine. three different versions that may represent different memories of one long night.
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
7.77 EUR *
12 Inch 25.09.17
more rudeness for your pleasure from the co-founder of the permanent vacation kingdom, benjamin fröhlich: one year after the well received first rude movements ep and the accompanied remixes benjamin fröhlich returns for another round. the second part of the rude movements series brings you further adventures into the world of dance music from the past and present. it covers percussive space trance , roaring synth jams to stab-driven and flute-infused house workouts and dubby breakbeat steppers, all happily dancing under one roof.
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
7.61 EUR *
12 Inch 06.03.17
benjamin fröhlichs 2016 ep rude movements gets the remix treatment by some of his favourite artists: permanent vacation long time collaborator and partner in crime lauer tugs amos in with a very cosy frankfurt trance blanket, while running back regular shan pulls out the curls of holloway thanks to his magic styling iron. the result: a pumping and string heavy affair. on the flipside brusselss wunderkind cleveland delivers an energizing and mesmerizing breakbeat version of ghost orchid for the magic moments in life. while siss finest jack pattern come correct with a cosmic disco reinterpretaion of spitting image
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12 Inch 08.08.16
12 inch with printed sleeve, inside-out, black innersleeve, 180g vinyl, permanent vacation co-owner with his very first own ep. after a couple of well received remixes, here comes the first full grown ep by benjamin fröhlich, who is also known for being one half of the permanent vacation enterprise. the range spans from synth-driven electro to hypnotic beat tools, industrial acid jams and 90s uk-influenced - melodic breakbeat. four tracks that are universally applicable in the world of dance music.
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
7.81 EUR *
Coloured 12 Inch 30.05.14
maeve label honcho the drifter and co-emperor of the permanent vacation kingdom, benjamin fröhlich, team up for some rascal business. always quick to pull the sling shot out of the back pocket and hit you right between the eyes, the original version of -waterville- is full of hazy melodies, washed out bells and quirky arpeggios backed up with concrete drums for some extended dancefloor meditation. while the high tide mix wraps things up a bit with some more prominent drums and a little extra spice on the bassline. mysterious uk producer a sagittariun sculptures out of the original a breakbeat house track, that sounds like a hidden treasure from this short but influential period.
Permanent Vacation
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7.33 EUR *
12 Inch 02.12.21
incl. chinaski & benjamin fröhlich rmxs
out of stock
10.08 EUR *
12 Inch 29.01.16
riotvan, die zehnte. welch ein schönes, rundes jubiläum! die perfekte katalognummer, um mal kurz einen blick auf den bisherigen backkatalog zu werfen und sogleich nach vorn zu blicken auf die dinge, die man als nächstes in rillen pressen könnte. riotvan ist nicht nur abbild, sondern auch fester bestandteil und antrieb der elektronischen musikszene leipzigs, was wäre da sinnvoller, als erstmalig den inner circle des riotvan-kosmos auf einer schallplatte zu versammeln? rvn010 ist deshalb die erste so genannte various artists im roster. gleichzeitig aber auch der beginn einer neuen serie, die in regelmäßigen abständen die engen und die neuen freunde aufs spielfeld führen wird.
out of stock
9.00 EUR *
12 Inch 22.01.16
italian melody makers modular project reveal their debut ep, a nature-dubbed and organic five track effort merging tech house and electronica. the endeavor kicks off with the nostalgy laden yet upbeat leaf, whose steady bassline gives leeway to a dreamy developing, synth lined harmony. aptly entitled into the woods, the second track goes into deep territory via distorted synths, a wave-reminiscent element that remains its central focus til the very last sequence. the woodlandish journey fully unfolds at the third track, a contrastingly darker ...
Off Recordings
out of stock
7.53 EUR *
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