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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 09.07.19
das neue album von bausa auf rotem doppelvinyl im klappcover, downloadcode inklusive.
Downbeat Records
A1: Intro
A2: Nacht
A3: Guadalajara ft. Summercem
B1: Weiß Noch Nicht Wie
B2: Mary
B3: Licht ft. Dardan
C1: Lang Her
C2: Fieber
C3: Bundesland
C4: Regen
D1: Liebeslieder
D2: So Laut ft. Reezy
D3: Blauer Himmel
D4: Deine Augen
in stock
23.99 EUR *
cd D 09.01.18
was du liebe nennst - maxi cd
Last Copy!
4.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 13.09.17
top tip for boards of canada fans! gorgeous isolation wrapped in electric memories. 8-track electronica for homesick time travelers. nothing left to abandon is a slow rendering of brooding introspections and imaginary spaces. memories, visions, eroded philosophies, tragedies in a few words. a childhood of livid skies, barren escarpments, homeless wastes. an absorbing contemplation of unlikely beauty and dusty melancholy that intersects with the creative territories of vangelis, boards of canada, klaus schulze, and ulrich schnauss, and the musings of joe frank and robert ashley. clocolan is south african-born composer emlyn ellis addison. a long formal training in music, his work centers on original writings and the found sounds of abandoned ideologies--generations of radicals and skeptics searching for meaning. from his childhood in south africa--a landscape of neglected hinterlands, eroded topology, unconquered vastness--emerged clocolan s homesick, lo-fidelity electronica, expansive themes lost in the background noise of human affairs.
in stock
17.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 29.05.19
limited and numbered release of 1000 copies on translucent, multi-colour splattered vinyl.
in stock
15.89 EUR *
3xcd D 24.01.18
incl. tracks von david guetta, alan walker, marshmello, dimitri vegas & like mike, robin schulz, bausa
Sony Music
Last Copy!
24.49 EUR *
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