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7" Vinyl UK 12.12.18
4Weed Music
in stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.11.18
timesless dub tech as always
Echocord 080
in stock
11.29 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 29.03.18
babe roots are a relatively young duo from turin, italy, making a unique brand of atmospheric, techno-infused dubwise. on our radar since their splendid debut 7 inch on rohs! records in early 2016, we are very pleased to invite them into the zamzam fold with two mesmerizing and contrasting tunes. * be still* is a deeply meditative yet driving dub techno trek in classic fashion, featuring rastaman kojo neatness intoning on righteous living, working the land, guarding the tongue, and avoiding babylonian schemes and traps laid by the wicked. maternal bass and shimmering reverbs envelop a heartbeat rhythm of kick, shaker and distant snares for a timeless vibe that shows mastery of the idiom while updating it for contemporary sound systems. * rawness* is an extraordinarily deep 140 journey that opens with rich pads and swirling atmospherics, creating a psychoactive ambience that builds into a steady kick. the full riddim hits and plunges us even deeper with restrained, syncopated drums and percussion. churning bass powers us through the dense, hallucinatory fog as tendrils of electricity probe and zap, and serrated snares cut through the tape haze and studio clouds in the last third. carving out a gorgeous edge between deep dubstep and dub techno, * rawness* hits all the marks and will find a home in a huge range of sets.
Zam Zam 059
Zam Zam
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 14.02.18
heavy dub rhythms with lush techno chords and a huge remix by stenny. jamaican dub structures strongly influenced by 90s chain reaction/basic channel atmospheres and uk trip hop elements. tip! this version is 12- only (without 7 - bonus)
Linear Movement
out of stock
15.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.10.17
!! 2018 repress !! first babe roots album perfectly executed. this is the perfect balance between dub structures and reggae rhythms.
Linear Movement
out of stock
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.07.17
from the italian dub duo babe roots comes the groups third vinyl release since their debut 7inch last year on the sardinian rohs imprint which sold out in record time. like the a-sides artwork suggests (a photo of the major league baseball pitcher doc ellis famous for pitching a no-hitter while on lsd), this record will take the listener on a trip. in classic babe roots fashion, each song was carefully crafted using traditional jamaican dub techniques, blending 90’s chain reaction / basic channel atmospheres and uk trip-hop elements. spiritual connection / brown walls aims to be their strongest release yet. us-based label visceral vibrations teams up with big horn sound (a sound system out of las vegas, nv) to provide a record worthy of any dub-heads collection, presented on 12inch vinyl and professionally mastered by beau thomas at teneightseven.
Visceral Vibrations
out of stock
9.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl FR 05.04.17
heavy dub rhythms with lush techno chords and a huge remix by stenny. the release includes a limited 180gr 12inch + limited 7inch. jamaican dub structures strongly influenced by 90s chain reaction/basic channel atmospheres and uk trip hop elements. tip!
Linear Movement
out of stock
15.49 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 18.04.16
repress/backstock - please note : price increase !! jamaican dub structures strongly influenced by 90s chain reaction/basic channel atmospheres and uk trip hop elements.
Rohs! 03/ 7inch
out of stock
16.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl 180g D 09.03.16
vinyl only – limited pressing! a collection of four beautiful tracks from different dub warriors, crafted with a pure deep and dub techno essence. perfect to warm your winter! 180g vinyl.
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 05.10.18
pure, distilled dub. upholding jamaica’s legacy as well as germany’s unequivocally influential dub techno spirit, moonshine recordings proudly welcomes their next addition to the roster. on the controls for the 9th full-length album release, a true-to-the-roots, all-analogue musician: another channel. having put himself on the map with releases on soukah’s blacksoil records, bristol’s transient audio as well as on australian imprint modern hypnosis, it’s now time for the album release we’ve all been waiting for. no computer involved as impeccable arrangements and analogue reverberations unfold. live and direct in the original dub mixing fashion, the augsburg-based artist uniquely transports the sonic characteristics of rhythm & sound into the present time.
Moonshine Recordings
in stock
15.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 26.02.16
the guys from dub-ito headquarters (claudio mate & francesco mazzocco) introduce a new chapter of the label with -here we are- ep , a nice various artists landing in the deep, dark, dub as well as industrial territories via london , berlin and the hot buenos aires . david hausdorf is one of the pioneer of the berlin old school techno dub scene… his track -reed- from 98 was until now unreleased. andrea ruffino well known as nax acid , italian born, based in london with -endless fragments- presents his typical trademark sound. italian dub duo, andrea perrini & alessandro verrina as babe roots with -cold desert dub-show their imprint: for the lovers of dub roots and for the fans of basic channel/ rhythm sound, it s perfect also for a balearic sunset .. volkova industrial/darkwave band from buenos aires / berlin invite in the land of the dark with -come and see-.
Dub Ito
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.12.14
the original track from kaelan wheels around the main chord: soiled and biting in the proper basic channel/chain reaction way. the track is built on a chasing 130bpm groove. the stojche s remix refers to afterhour atmospheres. a sinuous deep dub. lee holman provides us of a dancefloor killer remix. prickly. rabid. techno the babe roots remix take a break from the dancefloor and it refers to a dub techno reggae oriented. the spacey pads take us in the journey.
Forpleasure Records
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
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