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12" Vinyl ES 24.02.17
second release comes from berlin based b.e.f., soaking you into a deep journey of the now. a repetetive meditation - forward pushing and hypnotising. b.e.f. has been a steady part of parallel berlin since a few years, so it s a logical next step to release his debut solo ep on our label. he has been releasing under different monikers, which have been subjected to quite a lot of variations. he meanwhile found a coherent foundation of a rough, hypnotic and gritty sound. coming along with the process of discovering the most genuine way of expression, he focused on analogue gear. “waveforms are not only a mathematical law, waveforms are everywhere, in all sections of everyday life, in light and in sound. parallel is one of the many parallel universes out there, living and believing in variety, whilst pointing onto respect for various life forms. we do what we love”.
Parallel Berlin
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12" Vinyl ES 18.05.15
after life recorders 90 state release, argumento strikes back with the 9th argument ep, a various artist record showcasing an uncompromising techno, carrying the new fresh sounding grooves with traces from the past. peter sliwinski aka echoplex does not need any introduction. more than 2 decades present on the scene with numerous classic works on his label soleil and other platforms like synewave, end to end, imf, he always represents the detroit sentiment spiced with pounding grooves along the way. this time is also not different with his opening track of the ep called recovered.
Argumento Music
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