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12" Vinyl UK 28.03.18
detroit duo ataxia offer up their kodak moment ep via visionquest this march, accompanied by an edit from label co-founders shaun reeves and ryan crosson. eric ricker and ted krisko aka ataxia have been at the forefront of the contemporary house and techno scene for some time, racking up releases on some of the leading labels across the globe such as leftroom, nervous, culprit and play it say it, making the duo one of detroits finest exports in recent years. here we see them making their debut on visionquest, the label of fellow detroit natives ryan crosson, shaun reeves and lee curtiss. vhs leads the package with murky synth swells, resonant synth sweeps and fluttering square wave bass tones at its core as shuffled drums carry the ever-evolving hypnotic groove along. the original mix of kodak moment follows, shifting the focus over to snaking bass lines, mind-bending, modulating synth whirrs and dynamic, choppy percussion throughout. reeves & crossons edit of kodak moment then rounds out the release, stripping things back to ethereal atmospherics and shuffled drums whilst subtly stirring in the original’s hooky bass groove as the interpretation unfolds.
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
seth troxler’s play it say it label opens up 2018 with another release from the highly regarded ataxia, who serve up their third ep for the imprint. the detroit duo impressed with their previous outings on the label, the supertouch ep back in july 2017 and the acid ep in 2016. since then they have also released on leftroom and nervous and continued their eight year residency at prominent detroit venue tv lounge. their fresh take on motor city techno often comes with flashes of acid and makes cyber punks ted krisko and eric ricker one of the most interesting pairs in the game. opening up the essential ep is ‘quicksand’, an immediately arresting and busy electro track with real machine soul. the bassline bubbles and boils underneath crisp percussion and emotive keys bring a sense of tenderness. it’s a macho cut with robust drums and is sure to win over any crowd. the fresh ‘hot snakes’ is a deep, menacing track with dark bass gurgling beneath the airy hi hats. frazzled synths are dystopian and brain frying, and together the whole thing takes you into hypnotic territory with an intense sense of urgency that is impossible to ignore. last of all is the freakiest of the lot. the brilliant ‘texas is the reason’ has circling bass that is warped and intriguing and will own any club, while the drums drive on and trippy keys are skewed and twisted up top. it’s a truly intense record for late in the night that is sure to become a big tune. this is an expressive and varied ep full of contemporary and innovative detroit house and techno sounds and marks another step in the ataxia story.
Play It Say It
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12" Vinyl UK 14.07.17
seth troxler’s agenda setting play it say it label is back with more summer heat, this time from detroit based duo ataxia. hailing from detroit, this pair has recently played the famous movement festival in their home city for the fifth time, work with top labels like nervous records and culprit la and have already impressed with a fine ep on leftroom this year. their sound is designed to get the party started, and after already releasing on this label in 2016 they are now back with three more essential tracks. up first, the terrific ‘time original’ is a fluid and wriggling tech cut with busy synth lines scurrying about over driving drums. it’s dark and freaky with poised chord stabs and the whole thing cannot fail to get floors moving. then comes ‘supertouch’, which is a superbly slick acid number. weird bleeps and clipped vocals add an unhinged edge to the urgent rubbery drums and the whole thing is a mind melting number that will take any set to the next level. last of all is the vital ‘villains’, seven inventive minutes of gurgling bass, alien sound design and wonky synth lines that all warp around each other and melt your mind as they do so. colourful and full of character thanks to a rapped vocal line, this one is a real party anthem in the making. across all three cuts here this talented duo really show off their wide range of studio skills in some style.
Play It Say It
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12" Vinyl NL 26.09.14
in a little over a year gunnar haslam has established himself amongst the new school house and techno greats thanks to his inventive releases on l.i.e.s., argot and mister saturday night.
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12" Vinyl UK 11.09.13
ataxia is a detroit-based production team of ted krisko and eric ricker. they are dj and promotional mainstays in the motor city and are making their full production debut with *the no.6 ep*.
ataxias immediately accomplished work appealed to two of this genre’s premier vocalists: clarian (recently of footprintz) and the ever busy la-based cari golden.
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.16
giacomo & michelangelo then rolls out acid tree - a burning acid groove rife with more extended breakdowns and tight drum shuffles that make a fine addition to the record and cap off another certified coup for play it say it
Play It Say It
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9.29 EUR *
cd D 23.05.18
detroit love are proud to present the inaugural release on their newly founded eponymous imprint – a collaborative venture from planet e and !k7 which aims to capture the essence of carl craig’s superb event series of the same name. detroit love mixed by stacey pullen is a sixteen track journey that exemplifies the diversity of the city, as well as the essence of the parties, championing
Planet E

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Vinyl (EUR 25.49)
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