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12" 19.05.21
banging techno stormer with remixes of hex recorings heads paolo ferrara & lorenzo raganzini and mastermind snts!
in stock
8.39 EUR *
12" NL 15.06.18
diffuse reality presents a new vinyl. powerful techno direct to the dance floor.
Diffuse Reality
out of stock
8.92 EUR *
2x12" 13.02.20
fresh berlin techno label
in stock
18.48 EUR *
12" 14.03.17
in the beginning of 2017, nightmare factory records will put out their first vinyl release. for this special occasion, the label s owner electrorites put together a unique va record called interweavings vol.1 comprised of smashing techno tunes which will shatter the dance floor into pieces. arween s hurry indeed doesn t take its time and rushes forward like blood through one s tempels when trying to make it in time - or when raving fast and hard, which is exactly what the track encourages you to do. the synth doesn t have time to unfold in a melody and stays on one spot, driven by a harsh beat which doesn t go under 137 bpm. the sour sweat doesn t drop any slower when state of mind by electrorites hits the speakers. incisive synth erupts through the dense wall of iron and steel which crushes and shatters under the surge of the drum kick. the hungarian techno warlock gabeen returns to nightmare factory with disappearance , a guaranteed dancefloor banger for those who prefer to feel the beat deeply in their viscera. the enigmatic duo vertical spectrum rounds up the release with andromeda collision course . this tune is weirdly soothing thanks to the sweeping, high-pitch rustling sounds and swirling trickles, but is still turbid by the sediment of neurotic, angry beat
Nightmare Factory
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
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