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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: ark & pit spector
this is now ! birth of the ark label, 2016. featuring friends : ark, pit spector, metaboman, losoul, the mole its a 2 x 12 inch dedicated to love supreme track from john.
Ark Records
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12" FR 01.04.16
ark & pit spector continue their inspired journey with an extended ep full of groovy jams and absorbing rhythms for hold youth. the frenchmen have formed a potent alliance with a series of expertly-crafted, high-quality releases dropping over the last couple of years. on this new ep they go deeper into their sound explorations with five original works and a remix from their parisian buddy and hold youth member, le loup. first up, we go into bumping jazzy territory with ‘chauffage central’, a mesmerising cut with swirling pads, soulful vocal clips and a jaunty b-line. straight up after that, hold youth rudeboy le loup gives ‘chauffage central’ a funky little rework, throwing live sounding percussion, nubian vocal clips, trumpet parps and a pumping bassline into the mix which gives a totally different identity. the final track on side a, is a cheeky teaser called ‘petite ondée’. rolling out for just under two minutes the track has a muffled, jazz-esque feel to it with a warm rolling bassline and bright, sparkling piano keys. on the flip we kick off with ‘air conditionelle’, a lush, retro feeling with those oh-so-familiar heavy-hitting eighties snare licks. the bassline takes you to a new york city street and the whole atmosphere is that of an old school nyc neighbourhood, while a spoken-word sample adds a human touch just before the track comes to an end. ‘sub tropical’ goes a little leftfield with an unusual combination of sounds in tandem with a pulsating low end, occasional sax licks and punchy percussion to give it plenty of energy. ‘averse et contre tous’ closes out the ep with a slothish ride into the sunset – ark and pit spector show their experimental side presenting an odd union between blues samples, gruff electronic sounds and piano keys. another triumphant effort from ark and pit spector, in fact, some of the finest work to date. make sure you check it out!
Hold Youth
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8.18 EUR *
12" 23.07.13
swinging from the chandelier and setting fire to the feast, our original raison detre is back to raise merry hell and we couldnt be happier as accessories to the crime. ark was one of the biggest influences on circus company when it first formed from the freakier corners of the paris scene, and since day one he has been a guiding force in maintaining an uncompromising attitude towards house and techno in all its most flamboyant forms
Circus Company
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6.38 EUR *
12" FR 08.07.13
brothers are on the wheels! we can call it a funky family! 4 delightful & demoniac house tracks to rush any kind of place. if you like house you need this supa fresh release. 2 original versions with their dub/club edit, something like a sure shot! enjoy
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12" US 27.05.13
he has been in the game for 15 years now, and throughout ark has proven he is not one to spread himself thinly. leading up to 2010Æs arkuarium on thema, he had released a string of collaborations that wandered enthusiastically and whose experimentalism culminated on that record. apart from a few celebrated remixes since then, ark has been busy in the studio crafting a new batch of focused heat, mostly alongside his brother pit spector, himself a respected producer and dj known from associations with circus company and minibar. as we finish exploring a heavier sound with our well received re:vision series, the sophisticated deep house tracks on ark and pit spectors new call of the horns ep announce a new direction for the artists and a direction we seek to illuminate as we define the different shades of the spectrum at thema.
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12" FR 21.02.13
all tracks written & produced by ark (guillaume erroyer) and pit spector (pierre deniel) 4-track package from exciting new duo ark & pit spector. made up of brothers ark, the parisian known for his pioneering releases on perlon and karat, and pit spector, an up and coming producer, they join forces on their debut ep for eclectic label hold youth. true to the hold youth ethos the ep calls on a number of different influences, from the smooth, funk-led vibes on tournsoul, to the techno-inspired sounds of seuils remix of the nuts. ark & pit spector explore all that is sexy and hypnotic through the subtle but effective all green, while more down-tempo the nuts is verging on 80s-esque wonky-pop. seuil steps up for his take on the latter and delivers a dark, murky and all together sinister version of the original, adding a pulsating bassline to compliment the stripped back edit of the vocal. forward-thinking and open-minded sounds, old futur is another worthy addition to the hold youth catalogue.
Hold Youth
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7.20 EUR *
12" 27.02.17
another great french minimal record this time with ark (perlon) and pit spector (prospector/circus company)
Welcome to Masomenos
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8.60 EUR *
2x12" FR 27.10.20
debut album by pit spector feat dandy jack, tin man, the mole, san proper and more
Logistic Records
Last Copy!
18.83 EUR *
12" FR 06.07.17
after the label’s first two eps by pit spector and toba, rose et rosée strikes again with the first release by young and talented sandro ceyte. originally from montpellier, he currently lives in nantes where he earned his spurs as a dj with the collective essential groove. this digger and ec-lectic music lover also produces house and hip hop, and “message d’ep” brings together sandro’s diverse inspirations.
Rose & Rosee Records
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12" UK 20.06.16
mixing abstract hip-hop and house, blutch s style is mind-blowing and striking, with touches of groove and heat. borrowing from pépé bradock, francis inferno orchestra,cuthead, andrés, shigeto and massive attack, blutch has forged a unique musical identity all along his career, always with this strong desire to combine several universes into a single entity.
in january 2015 blutch revealed his creative genius with his first ep, equilibrium. he will soon revisit a voluptuous set mixing trip hop, the softness of electronica and a hypnotic deephouse. requilibrium unites 9 artists in one project that represents blutch’ diverse musical spectre. friends, idols, people who we loved to collaborate with, spend time with, get to know better. the r stands for the remix, the reinterpretation of blutch’ ep equilibrium. each artist gives new life to one of the tracks, spicing them up to their liking. cuthead transforms « skyview » in a straight-up house floor killer while maxime dangles takes « chocolates & hamburgers » to gloomy, cold electronic heights. between these two extremes the music gradually and cleverly evolves track by track. melodiesinfonie opens up in complete serenity with his take on « a. » which takes us straight into summer with our feet in the sand. tito wun follows up perfectly with his version of “wildstar” that is stacked with groovy samples. next up is keroué, member of the band fixpensill. he puts his rhymes on a stellar edit by ywnwa. jenovah choses to take “deep diving” on a bass-driven path while pavane sees and raises that with an orchestral version of anyoma. it’s up to the brothers ark & pit spector to close out the ep by taking « elis » into deeper territory.
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