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12" Vinyl BE 31.03.10
for our 19th release we welcome genius duo arado & den ishu, two local heroes from the heart of germany s ruhr valley.
Area Remote
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7.79 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 19.10.09
3 straight dancefloor friendly tracks from arado & den ishu available only on this 12inch!! also supported by: richie hawtin, sven väth, loco dice, luciano, marco carola, karotte, martinez, leon, anja schneider, tini...
Desolat X
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7.49 EUR *
2cd UK 24.03.10
feddes toolroom knights reflect his world famous dj sets and explores his versatility as both producer and dj with cd1 mixed under his f.l.g. moniker and cd2 as fedde le grand. cd1 is deeper and stripped back, laying a distinctive groove in preparation for the more uplifting tones of cd2. including an exclusive track written by fedde, namely >an old technique<.
out of stock
17.99 EUR *

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