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12" UK Pre sale (07.11.2022)
allnite music boss apoena is back
ALLN 010
Allnite Music
13.44 EUR *
12" UK 23.09.22
very dubby and house music flavours
ALLN 009
Allnite Music
out of stock
13.35 EUR *
12" UK 15.07.19
with his last nebulosa ep featured among the records of the year juno section and played by derrick may at boiler room las vegas you would guess apoena would bring us more on that atmosphere. but what retoside ep does is dive back into deeper tracks, closer to house with an oldschool us approach.
ALLN 008
Allnite Music
out of stock
9.22 EUR *
12" UK 02.11.18
apoena presents deep minimal hypnotic house
ALLN 007
Allnite Music
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
sexy deep house various artists ep on bon vivant... tipp. apoena, miguel puente, brandub and cape on board.
Bon Vivant003
Bon Vivant Ltd
out of stock
8.84 EUR *
following on from ninos odyssea ep, batti batti call on artists from brazil, ukraine, luxembourg and the uk for their v/a release the breeze ep. acasual, tominori hosoya, kiddmisha & apoena and jonno & tommo are all on top form making this a must have for anyone who likes their sounds deep a luscious.
BBR 13
Batti Batti Records
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12", 140 g UK 14.03.17
having been approved by labels as respected as underground quality and autoreply, brazilian producer apoena returns to his allnite label with yet more of that pure and heartfelt deep house music for those who like it classic and classy. i know yo- punches and tickles in all the right places with its dreamy keys, soulful vocal lick and rock solid drum lines, while tristeza nao tem fim heads into even more blissed-out territory with its rolling groove and heavy-lidded chords. lost has a solid bottom end thrust that wouldnt sound out of place on a mike huckaby record, and mama loves you brings more of that sweet, laid back, feel good feeling to finish up this impeccable collection of house jams.
ALLN 005
Allnite Music
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" UK 20.06.16
apoena get his tracks played by names such as delano smith, luke hess, agoria, baby ford, jus ed (etc...) since his first record out. known to bring groove into deepness, the brazilian producer may be showing his stronger record so far with “intense ep”. the a side provides prime driving stuff while b side take the mood to a more profound level.
ALLN 004
Allnite Music
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
allnite music is back with vinyl only gems. we are glad to provide you diversity from early hour deep/dubby moods to dance floor heaters. texture & groove 4those who know.
ALLN 003
Allnite Music
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" UK 20.01.15
allnite music 002 brings alex agore with some of his best works so far. both *basement jam* and *be someone* tracks strikes right the middle of the target, somehow between his earlier 4lux works and his no matter what hot dancefloor stuff. on b side, apoena presents two grooved house tracks with jazz sounding keys cut directly from vinyl. just a killer 4-tracker!
ALLN 002
Allnite Music
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
coloured 12" US 13.05.13
dj / producer henrique casanova strays back & forth the line separating house & techno. this ep features a track from his cd album, with remixes from jus-ed & 1 from esteban adame. pressing on dark purple coloured & multicolour marbled vinyl.
Underground Quality
in stock
9.00 EUR *
12" UK 20.03.12
autoreply offshoot stuga musik welcomes back apoena, who hails from porto alegre, capital of the rio grande do sul state in southern brazil. his first 12 inch for stuga musik - falando serio - was championed by the likes of baby ford, willie graff and jus-ed among others, the latter proceeding to release the self-titled apoena album on his own underground quality imprint earlier this year. as an accomplished musician of many instruments and nationally renowned reggae artist its no surprise he knows a thing or two about making a killer record. here he steps up with >mover<, a warm, hypnotic floor-workout that references the early pioneers and is equally suited to peak time or early morning play. on the flip >cooler< displays layer upon layer of colorful emotion whilst showcasing the artists love for vintage keys and analogue synthesis. enjoy!
Stuga Musik
in stock
7.36 EUR *
12" UK 28.07.10
following on from ochs epic >stops out< release for the already much talked about autoreply offshoot stuga musik we return with another offering which couldnt be more relevant in the current electronic music climate. our 2nd 12 inch comes from a man known as apoena, hailing from porto alegre, capital of the rio grande do sul state in extreme south of brazil.
Stuga Musik
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
cd US 14.02.12
Underground Quality Dupes
in stock
13.10 EUR *
cd US 26.09.11
say hello to deep house brazilian style!
Undergroud Quality
Last Copy!
10.64 EUR *
12" lp, 180 g vinyl BE 31.03.20
ricardo richaid presents his new lp >travesseiro feliz<
Far Out Recordings
in stock
17.19 EUR *
12" 11.04.16
mit seinem 4. release introducing auf zaijenroots präsentiert matt nowak ein herausragendes dj tool für ein breites internationales publikum der elektronischen tanzmusik. so verschieden wie die künstler selbst, so verschieden sind die 4 tracks. toyz on acid - hawaiien teacher, das mysteriöse duo mit einprägsamen namen kreierte eine narrative techno hymne, die mit sicherheit in die tiefsten tiefen der darkrooms der clubwelt vordringen wird. eine punchige sp1200 kickdrum und ein düsteres rauschen wird immer wieder unerwartet mit futuristischen sounds und einem treibendem shaker begleitet. ein innovativer dancefloor kracher!
in stock
7.20 EUR *
12" NL 14.08.15
new years deal - the first vinyl release for simple things records include tracks of various artists. this time on board we have an international company of artists from: germany, ukraine, brazil and russia. hope you will enjoy it!
simple things records is an electronic music label based in moscow, russia in 2013 owned by sergey alexandrov (shyam). the concept of our label is based on house and techno genres, but nevertheless we are not focusing only on these directions. our label is always open for new talent.
Simple Things Records
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 19.03.14
brill supa deep music between techno and deep house
Last Copy!
8.18 EUR *
12" 09.09.13
another beatuy comes from the mysterious russian soul to us!
Mysterious Russian Soul Records
out of stock
7.12 EUR *
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