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12" Vinyl D 15.10.08
dortmunds very own ‚diskobär, the inimitable ante perry prepares for new double cd long-player extravaganza , flashing disco sounds, with two cuts exclusively produced with close studio comrades tube & berger. these hot co-productions between the long-time buddies simply cannot fail to get the party going. the overwhelming anthemic stir of human you is evident for the very start, but its true dancefloor potential can only be understood after the full ecstatic wonder of the breakdown pours out over a large crowd. super-constructed tech-discohouse is where its at in this high intensity, high drama, big room flashing disco monster. the curiously titled walthervondervogelweide on the other hand is a more brooding beast altogether. working the underlying tension and keeping the pressure tightly locked to the floor its a dangerous late night dancefloor workout... left in the wrong hands this could seriously damage your ability to leave the dancefloor! finally fellow dortmund heavy-calibre producer peter jürgens works his remixing magic and twists human you into a housed up, long building affair that operates on a more stripped, subterranean level to begin with but bursts out above ground with carefully timed energy. warm driving beats and pads layer to reveal the identifying melody of the original.
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12" Vinyl D 18.11.10
big with: dubfire, roberto rodriguez, mijk van dijk, karotte, kissy sell out, makossa, david durango, aga heller, franksen, dan mangan, greg churchill, louis osbourne,.. following the huge >human you< (moon033) the much loved disco bear ante perry returns in a double-trouble beatdown head-to-head with tube & berger.just pure and simply an anthem, >ever never< is the type of record that you know you ll love even before its started. drenched in melancholic synth pop melody, heart-warming bass lines and euphoric moments, this future classic builds to a real finale!stereofunk provide a techier remix that treads the colourful lines between disco, tech house and cosmic exploration! soaring synths and funking basslines combine in this italo-inspired treat for the dancefloor
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12" Vinyl D 28.01.10
incl. moonbootica and kabale & liebe remix!
big with hell, digitalism, m.a.n.d.y., meat katie, milton jackson, plump djs, anja schneider, gregor tresher, karotte, malente, manuel tur, matthias tanzmann, patrick zigon, ptoile, richie hawtin, tom wax, d julz, benny rodrigues, joris voorn, catz n dogz, etienne de crecy, funk d void, zoo brazil, deetron, charles webster, mike monday, simon baker ...
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TEMPO 1000
12" Vinyl D 31.03.09
after mr.perrys sensational debut album, which was co-produced by tube & berger, they once again make sure with their latest output that you dont require any prosthetics to swing your hips. tempo 1000, jay and symbiose, these are the new tracks of the in-house label kittball by tube & berger. its a real masterpiece and another proof oft he terrific collaboration between these marvellous guys.
Kittball Records
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.11.07
thrilling!!! moonbootique diving into the deep with the new ante perry, supported by tube & berger! very good, deep tune which surely will fit into the sets of the modern electronic, minimal and non bigroom electro house oriented upfront and top league djs!!
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12" Vinyl D 21.11.07
thrilling!!! moonbootique diving into the deep with the new ante perry, supported by tube & berger! very good, deep tune which surely will fit into the sets of the modern electronic, minimal and non bigroom electro house oriented upfront and top league djs!!
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6.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.06.09
the song originated directly after their second brazil tour to honour a woman from the ghetto sao paolos. what is exactly behind this acquaintance remains confidential. some whisper the girl from the favela would have saved their life. others again state
Kittball Records
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cd D 24.09.08
moonbootiques very own ante perry introduces his famous flashing disco sounds concept in the form of a fantastic, barrier breaking dj-mix,and an exclusive additional cd showcasting some of his greatest productions to date plus some new and unreleased tunes. the >flashing disco sounds< concept is one that refuses to conform to rigid borders and pre-determined directions.the legandary long running parties of the same name, promoted by ane have given his multitasking here over 15 tracks of pures and deepest abandon!
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cd NL 09.06.10
High Contrast
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