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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: anna wall & corbi
12" Vinyl UK 04.11.19
anna wall and corbi meld nostalgia and modernity, while escape earth and chrissy give it additional twist in their remixes.
Ritual Poison
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.08.18
yes, one hundred! wow! morris audio s 100th release is a milestone for one of the most productive labels from switzerland. morris audio started 18 years ago, the sublabel morris audio citysport 15 years ago. with a total of more than 150 releases, the labels have been making their marks by presenting different types of electronic music, from techno to minimal to deep house with everything in between. combining established producers and youngsters, morris audio has an impressive artist roaster. remember the likes of dub taylor, jackmate, hakan lidbo, burnski, till von sein, kris wadsworth, iron curtis, oli furness, dash dude, tom ellis&leif or brame just to name a few? it has been -club and home entertainment- for years and we celebrate this 100th release with two parts of well-crafted tech/house tunes. part 1 is the more techy one and features morris fella iron curtis, new signing anna wall & corbi, and swiss boys replika and elvis cassetta. collectors item!
Morris Audio
in stock
10.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.07.17
anna wall & corbis take on queen drummer roger taylors two sharp pencils special remarks : 12&#8243, mff house bag, 150g vinyl
(get bad). the result? one of the most unlikely and essential party records of 2017. queen and house music: not necessarily the most obvious of bedfellows, but music for freaks has never been a label to take the path most travelled. over the course of their de-cades long journey the label founded by luke solomon and justin harris has released uni-quely idiosyncratic dance music, establishing the label as a go-to imprint for those seeking imaginative, unpredictable records that still undeniably work on the dancefloor. their latest release might well be among the most out-there of them all. originally released back in 1984,two sharp pencils (get bad) is a record by queen drum-mer roger taylor, featuring him on vocals as well as drums, bass & guitar. now brought bang up to date via a fully official and endorsed remix courtesy of anna wall & corbi, this overlooked album track looks set to become one of the summers most essential records. born and bred in the uk, anna wall is a dj, producer and label owner who is a key player in londonís underground house music scene. her label the bricks champions up-and-coming producers, while anna herself has djd all over the world, most recently for mixmag at pacha for their ims launch party. corbi is an ibiza-based dj and producer, a&r for the highly respected fina records and co-founder of melon bomb, a party and dj collective that has in the space of just a couple of years become one of the white isles most talked-about exports. having met while working at house giant defected records some years ago, anna felt that corbi would be the perfect studio accomplice to work on the remix of two sharp pencils.
Music For Freaks
Last Copy!
9.29 EUR *
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